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WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC was established to provide clients with access to excellent advocates, negotiators, mediators, and experienced litigators. Ms. Ward, a skilled Chicago divorce lawyer and the founder of WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, has exclusively practiced matrimonial and family law nearly 20 years and continues as Adjunct Faculty at The John Marshall Law School teaching family law legal writing to law students since 2005; the legal writing program is ranked #6 in the country for law school writing programs by US News & World Report (2019). Ms. Ward also had the honor of speaking at the “Leaving a Long-Term Marriage” workshop produced by The Lilac Tree, an Evanston-based not-for-profit resource for women contemplating divorce. She has also provided a matrimonial-related lecture series at The Latin School of Chicago Adult Education Program and on more than one occasion has lent her commentary to Chicago Tribune related publications on family law articles and topics of interest. The classroom, lecturing, publishing and courtroom experience provides clients with well-rounded representation, finesse at settlement negotiation, precise drafting skills, and litigation expertise.

The Typical Divorce
Process In Illinois

Strategy Session

Consult with an attorney at one week prior to needing to initiate any action.

Strategy Session

Signing off on an engagement letter, information intake sheet and payment of a retainer formalizes the attorney-client relationship to commence a case or initiate any action with the court.

Strategy Session

Completion and exchange of financial affidavits, preparations of balance sheets, calculations of support, and issuance of formal discovery.

Strategy Session

If minor children are involved, these two components are key aspects to an allocation judgment.

Strategy Session

Reviewing settlement options with the client to discuss global settlement of terms taking Illinois law into consideration.

Strategy Session

If there remain items of concern then sometimes mediation will allow the parties to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom.

Strategy Session

Court intervention can occur at any stage wherein the parties are unable to reach an agreement.

Strategy Session

Marital settlement agreement and formalization of settlement terms for entry by the Judge.

Strategy Session

Formalization of parenting time and decision-making for entry by the Judge.

Strategy Session

The parties either proceed to prove-up or the next stage is preparations in setting the case for trial, including formal discovery completion, depositions, subpoenas, witness lists, expert reports and the like.


Our firm represents clients of various personal and professional backgrounds with each client having their own unique issues and concerns, but all are going through the same divorce process.

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