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For the sake of the children, get the divorce

New research from the scientists at University College London assessed 6,000 children of various ages and the impact of divorce. The outcome was determined that unhappy parents should not stay…

The Game is Changing for Corporate Executives and Chicago Divorce Lawyers

There is a barrage of media attention in the Jeff Bezos divorce after 25 years of marriage. Why? Besides the fact that he is the Amazon founder and CEO, considered…

Collaborative Law Specialist is in-house at WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC for your Chicago divorce

Are you considering a collaborative law specialist in the Chicago area for your divorce? If so, you need to look no further as our own Tania K. Harvey can help…

Top 7 Tips for Chicago Divorce

1. You can’t use the same lawyer as your spouse. 2. File for divorce in the county in Illinois that you and/or your spouse has lived in for at least…

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