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7 Ways To Make Co-Parenting Successful Post-Divorce

You and your spouse are going your separate ways, but you both naturally want to make this difficult transition as easy on your children as possible. By becoming successful co-parents, you put your children first and also make things easier for yourself. If you’re facing child custody concerns, an experienced Illinois allocation judgment attorney that includes the parenting plan incorporating decision-making and parenting time can help.  

One: Keep Things As Simple As Possible

One thing co-parenting is not; is simple, but by simplifying your co-parenting schedule to the degree possible, you can streamline your efforts. Often this means sticking to your schedule and having a clear contingency plan in case something comes up for either one of you.

Two: Keep The Lines Of Communication Open

One of the most important things you can do to bolster your co-parenting efforts is keeping the lines of communication wide open – because things will come up and you will need to touch base. If speaking on the phone is out of the question, stick to texting or messaging. 

Three: Adhere To Your Court Orders

When your divorce was finalized, your parenting time terms were spelled out for you, and these orders are enforceable. While there may come a time when sticking strictly to your parenting time schedule is not possible, it should remain your guide, and if you do need a modification due to a significant change in circumstances, consult with your child custody attorney. 

Four: Keep Your Negative Thoughts To Yourself

Your ex may not be your favorite person right now, but keeping your negative thoughts about them to yourself – or refraining from letting your children know them – is the best policy. 

Five: Be Reasonable

Going along with your ex’s reasonable requests regarding your parenting time schedule can go a long way when the time comes for you to make a reasonable request of your own. 

Six: Follow Your Kids’ Lead

If your kids are doing well post-divorce, you’re doing something right in terms of co-parenting, but if you notice that one or more of them is struggling, you might need to try something else. Options to consider include:

  • Talking to the child or children you’re concerned about regarding what’s bothering them
  • Talking to your ex about what changes you can make that might help
  • Redoubling your efforts to co-parent peacefully
  • Letting your children know they can always share their concerns with you and that you’ll work on them together

Seven: Make Changes Through The Court

If you have experienced a significant change in circumstances or your parenting time schedule simply no longer works for your family, it’s important to make your scheduling change through the court. Even if you and your ex are in agreement on the matter, the schedule handed down by the court remains enforceable, which could come back to haunt you.

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