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Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Mental Health and Divorce

Is your spouse abusing alcohol or drugs? Is your spouse depressed?  Are you?  This past year has proven to be a challenge for many families and for those who misuse or abuse alcohol and/or drugs, they are proving to be the most vulnerable during these times.  However, the impact of drug and alcohol abuse to a family unit that is living day-to-day in close quarters can eventually be too much to take for the other spouse.  Furthermore, the stress of social isolation from co-workers, friends and extended family can take its toll on anyone mentally; these life-changes that appear to have no end in sight can just be too much to bear.  It can shine a light on substance abuse, mental health issues and oftentimes is coupled with the realization that the marriage is broken beyond repair.

For some, delaying the inevitable – divorce – seemed like a good idea as we all worked through the pandemic.  However, as the pandemic surges and the Holidays are near, many realize that the time to move forward with the divorce needs to happen.

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