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Maintenance, which is commonly known as alimony or spousal support

Maintenance, formerly known as alimony, is a payment from one spouse to another and is a complicated area of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.  If maintenance is appropriate, there are many forms it can take, including but not limited to reviewable, permanent or non-modifiable.  Jennifer R. Ward, Esquire was selected to be on an exclusive panel in order to make a presentation on the topic of maintenance at the “Leaving a Long-Term Marriage” workshop produced by The Lilac Tree, an Evanston-based not-for-profit resource for women contemplating divorce.  Her knowledge on the topic, formal presentation and speaking engagement in this arena translates into her daily practice at Ward Family Law, LLC and benefits her clients tremendously.
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Marital Settlement Agreements and Negotiation

Marital Settlement Agreements are agreements coming from and in conjunction with a dissolution of marriage.  Ward Family Law, LLC has negotiated, drafted, reviewed, revised and approved these agreements, having the knowledge and experience to know that a Marital Settlement Agreement must be thoroughly and carefully prepared.  The best result in any family law matter is through a negotiated settlement of the case and Ward Family Law, LLC is experienced and skilled in achieving negotiated settlements.  The negotiation of any family-law related agreement takes finesse in balancing the mental and emotional needs of the parties while also resolving property division and allocation, maintenance and child-related issues.  We tailor each and every Marital Settlement Agreement to meet our client's needs, objectives, goals and negotiated settlement terms.
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Marital Property and Non-Marital Property: Classification, Division and Valuation

Determining marital property from non-marital property is a very important aspect to the divorce process and to the parties going through a divorce. It is important to have legal counsel with the knowledge and skills to distinguish between non-marital and marital property while also having the experience to provide legal advice and counsel as to the best way to allocate that property between the parties.  Ward Family Law, LLC has the expertise to handle any property classification by thoroughly reviewing and then analyzing all aspects of your case, which then allows for settlement (division of property) recommendations, negotiations or litigation to obtain the best outcome possible for each and every client.
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Formal Discovery

Formal Discovery is the process of obtaining information from the other party. If the assets and debts of the marriage are readily ascertainable and agreed on by the parties, they may choose to waive formal discovery, partially or in its entirety.
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Premarital / Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

If you are engaged (or are already married) and want to ensure that you have a mutual understanding of certain obligations or specific divisions are in place, should something go awry in your marriage, then a Premarital Agreement (also known as a Prenuptial Agreement) or a Postnuptial Agreement may be the best option.
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Analysis of Pre-Civil Union Agreements

Pre-Civil Union Agreements are legally binding contracts, entered into by parties before their civil union, which define what will happen when the union ends, either by dissolution or the death of one of the parties.
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Domestic Violence Proceedings

The Illinois Domestic Violence Act seeks to prevent repeated physical abuse and harassment among family, household members and disabled adults.
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Enforcement of a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage and Post-decree issues

Post-decree issues are related to modification of property provisions and allocations, modification of child support, modification of maintenance, modification of parental responsibilities and parenting time, etc.
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Mediation Services

In family law cases, the most commonly used service (outside of the hiring of legal counsel in this process) is mediation; perhaps the most attractive aspect of mediation is that it can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual dispute.
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Uncontested Cases

The "Divorce Your Way" philosophy was created to help guide people with uncontested cases through the legal procedures and processes required to represent yourself as a Pro Se Litigant and commence the process to obtain an uncontested divorce in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois.
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