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Back-to-School Growing Pains in Divorce

It’s that time of year; the summer is coming to a close and the kids are heading back to school. For any family the transition is oftentimes a difficult one. For parents of divorce, the challenges are often exacerbated. Normally, you have to get the kids back on a schedule, you have to ensure timeliness and focus, there is more indoor class time and less outdoor free time, there is homework and expectations, and juggling school and activities. For divorcing parents back-to-school often has its own set of problems: transition between two homes, consistent routines at each parent’s home, establishing or following a set parenting schedule during the week and on the weekends, homework, class projects, and shuttling school and activities.

Some parents of divorce communicate and work together to accomplish this difficult feat. Emails and text messages can suffice, but can oftentimes create gaps or confusion in communication between divorced parents when it isn’t utilized consistently or appropriately. For those parents that don’t communicate well or effectively in divorce, there are options to consider. Online platforms, such as Our Family Wizard, allow for sharing a the children’s calendar and providing a space for parental communication and collaboration.

The bottom line is that divorced parents do face extra challenges in back-to-school transitions. If you are having issues then reach out to Jennifer Ward of Ward Family Law via email at jward@wardfamilylawchicago.com or at 312-803-5838 to talk to an experienced divorce and family law attorney in Chicago.



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