Changing Regulations in Real Estate are affecting Chicago Divorce Cases

While COVID-19 has created challenges for many ranging from physical, emotional, personal to professional, those navigating the divorce process in Chicago are finding that Chicago property division in an uncontested…

Open Marriage, Infidelity and Adultery: Divorce Process in Chicago

What is an open marriage? What is infidelity? What is adultery? Will any of these actions impact your divorce process in Chicago? Open marriage is typically defined as a form…

The Myths and Truths of Paternity Cases from Family Law Chicago Attorneys

Paternity cases can be tricky. Because the parents of the minor child are not married many assume that the Illinois marriage and dissolution of marriage act does not apply to…

The Top Reasons for Divorce and How to Prepare for the Divorce Process in Chicago

There are endless arrays of reasons that Chicago divorce attorneys receive calls from husbands and wives contemplating divorce.  Some of the top reasons for divorce in Chicago are: Infidelity Dishonesty…

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