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Can Inherited Property Be Divided in a Divorce?

In the complex and often emotionally charged landscape of divorce proceedings, the division of assets stands as a significant concern for both parties. Among these assets, inherited property occupies a unique position due to its personal and financial significance. In Illinois, the treatment of inherited property during a divorce is governed by specific legal principles that aim to ensure fairness and equity between the spouses. In this blog, we will discuss the question – can inherited property be divided in a divorce?

What is Inherited Property?

Inherited property refers to assets or possessions acquired through inheritance, usually from a family member. Unlike other forms of property acquired during the marriage, inherited property is typically considered non-marital property in Illinois. This distinction is crucial, as non-marital property is generally not subject to division in a divorce proceeding.

Common Misconceptions

A prevalent misconception is the belief that all property acquired during a marriage, including inherited assets, automatically becomes marital property and is divisible upon divorce. However, in Illinois, the law recognizes the distinct nature of inherited property, treating it as separate from marital assets, provided certain conditions are met.

Division of Inherited Property: Legal Considerations

The division of inherited property in divorce proceedings is not straightforward and can be influenced by several factors:

Commingling and Use for Marital Benefit

If inherited property is commingled with marital assets or used for the benefit of the marriage, it may lose its non-marital status. For instance, depositing inherited funds into a joint account or using them for joint expenses could make them subject to division.

Length of the Marriage

The duration of the marriage can impact the division of inherited property. Longer marriages may see a more flexible approach to what constitutes marital versus non-marital assets, potentially affecting the division of inherited property.

Pre-existing Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that specify the treatment of inherited property in case of divorce are generally upheld by courts. These agreements can provide clarity and prevent disputes over inherited assets during divorce proceedings.

Nature of the Inherited Assets

The specific characteristics and use of the inherited assets can also influence their treatment in a divorce. Assets that have been actively maintained or appreciated in value due to the efforts of both spouses might be viewed differently by the court.

Navigating Divorce with Inherited Property: Recommendations

For individuals facing divorce proceedings with inherited property at stake, several steps can be taken to protect one’s interests:

Seek Legal Assistance

Given the complexities involved, consulting with an experienced family law attorney is paramount. Legal counsel can offer tailored advice and representation to navigate the nuances of inherited property division.

Maintain Accurate Records

Documenting the value of the inherited property, along with any transactions or changes, is essential. Accurate records can help establish the property’s non-marital status and facilitate its proper consideration during the divorce.

Engage in Negotiation

Open communication and negotiation with the other party can lead to amicable solutions that respect both parties’ interests. Mediation services may also assist in reaching a fair agreement regarding the division of assets, including inherited property.

Contact Us For Guidance

Inherited property in Illinois divorce cases is generally treated as non marital, safeguarded from division among spouses. However, various factors can influence its treatment. At WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, we are dedicated to providing professional and informative legal guidance to support our clients through the complexities of divorce and family law. If you are dealing with inherited property in a divorce, we are here to help you understand your rights and options.



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