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Financial Disclosures, Child Support and Maintenance in Chicago Divorce and Parentage Cases

In every action, whether it be a Chicago divorce or parentage matter, one of the first steps is for each party to complete a Financial Affidavit. A Financial Affidavit is…

How Is Child Support Calculated?

Determining child support can be complex and frustrating. It is natural to be concerned about the wellbeing of your child and how their financial needs will be met. The child…

Who Pays for My Child’s College after Divorce?

Illinois is one of just a handful of states that address the cost of educating one’s children beyond high school for divorcing couples. While some parents find this off-putting, others…

Emancipation of Children Leading to Termination of Child Support Obligations in Chicago Divorce Cases

In Chicago divorce cases that involve children there can sometimes be inquiries that arise in regards to emancipation of a child and subsequent terminations of child support obligations.  In determining…

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