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Relocation of Children in Chicago Divorce Cases

Life goes on after divorce. Children get older and their needs and schedules change, parents’ new relationships bring new priorities and the introduction of a new adult into the children’s…

Chicago Divorce Lawyers Tackle the Tax Law Changes in 2019

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is the first major change to the American tax system in 30 years: Child Tax Credit? Dependency exemptions? Dependent Care Credit? Head of…

Divorce and College Education Costs for the Children

The scope, extent and amount of a parent’s obligation to contribute to a child’s post-high school college education are oftentimes a source of uncertainty and anxiety for families of divorce.…

The Timing of Child Support Modification

The Divorcerer Speaks:  The Timing of Child Support Modification Has there been a change in your employment or income?  Are you failing to exchange income information and documentation each year? …

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