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Chicago Divorce During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While many states have varying degrees of self-imposing quarantine, sheltering in place and six foot personal distancing, many can agree that couples are now spending more time than ever together. Many couples have a typical schedule that includes things like work, gym, school, weekdays and weekends with a myriad of activities scattered in between. Without this routine and schedule, the together time is already wearing thin for many, who are now seeking out legal counsel in initiating a Chicago divorce case. The larger urban areas are notably seeing an increase in divorce requests and inquiries into divorce proceedings, such as the process, filing, child custody, maintenance, child support and allocation of marital estates. Also, with the recent downward spiral of the stock markets and the spike in unemployment, furloughs and work-at-home scenarios, couples are also becoming greatly concerned about their finances and the long-term implications while married…or divorced.
There are some things that you can do at home to help you prepare for filing divorce in Chicago, such as compiling all financial records (ie. tax returns, income documentation, bank account statements, retirement/investment account statements, debts and the like). You can also summarize your objectives and goals in regards to how you want those financials to be allocated.
If you have children, you can start contemplating and reviewing which parenting schedule will work for your family (ie. weekday schedule, weekend schedule, holiday schedule).
If you have questions about navigating the divorce process then reach out to WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC for a free initial consultation via telephone or videconference during this time.



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