Chicago Divorce Lawyers: Top 7 Hidden Costs in Divorce

When people are contemplating divorce, they are often considering the cost, including retainer fees for law firms, filing fees for the court, expert fees and how they want to divide their marital assets and debts. What they often forget are the hidden costs that arise when going through the divorce process. Here are the top 7 hidden costs that the Chicago family law attorneys of Ward Family Law, LLC discuss with their clients in their daily practice:

(1) Moving costs
(2) Furnishings and furniture for a new residence
(3) Obtaining individual health insurance coverage
(4) Separating policies and plans (ie phone)
(5) Refinancing car loans into an individual name
(6) Refinancing home loans into an individual name
(7) Therapy/Counseling

Reach out to the Chicago Divorce Lawyers of Ward Family Law, LLC to discuss your divorce case and all costs associated with the process.