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Chicago Zoom Divorce Court

Prior to the pandemic, Chicago divorce cases and paternity cases were held in-person at the courthouse.  As of June, 2022 many courtrooms remain closed for in-person proceedings and Judges are continuing to utilize their established zoom courtrooms and practices.  Some argue that it allows for much more health safety, procedural efficiency, and lowered waiting times.  Others argue that in-person formalities and arguments bode well for litigation and trial tactics.  Either way, the zoom court proceedings in Chicago divorces and paternity cases seem to be staying in place, at least for now.

Clients oftentimes wonder how this works and knowing the basic parameters and information for Chicago zoom divorce court and paternity cases can not only set your mind at ease but also allow you to be better prepared for what is going to happen once you are brought into the zoom court proceeding from the zoom waiting room. How do you even get there in the first place?  The experienced Chicago family law attorneys of Ward Family Law have always been ahead of what is considered standard technology practices.  In fact, we offered zoom and virtual meetings and conferences as soon as the technology was available.  It allowed us direct, visual access to our clients when an in-office meeting was not going to be efficient or timely.  While a telephone call can suffice for most, some clients enjoy having that feeling of an in-person meeting and communications with their Chicago family law team.  With this in mind, our ability to guide any client with any level of technology (zoom or otherwise) experience, has proven to be a vital component in their divorce or paternity case process.

Once a court date is established we like to provide clients with the formal notice or court order that typically explains what we are scheduled for and when we are scheduled to be in zoom court.  We will provide you with the zoom login and password information that will allow you to access the waiting room and then the courtroom for the time and date of your particularly scheduled proceeding in court.  Your attorney will also have the same information and meet you there – virtually – to proceed when the Judge is ready.

You will want to limit all surrounding distractions when you are logged into zoom; make sure to close windows and doors, limit music and background noise, ask other persons to leave the room or ensure you are in a private space to listen and be heard, dress appropriately since the court will require video, and ensure that your background images and surroundings are appropriate for a court proceeding.  You will want to “mute” your microphone until such a time as the Judge or your legal counsel confers with you directly but you must ensure that your video is on.  While instant messaging is available within zoom, we do not have clients confer on the zoom platform.  Instead, access to email during the zoom proceedings coupled with your attorney opting for a “breakout room” to talk with clients privately can sometimes be an option.  Either way, allow your experienced Chicago divorce lawyer to take the lead and make determinations, arguments, and presentments in any zoom court proceeding.



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