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Best Chicago Divorce Lawyers

If you are facing a divorce, you owe it to yourself, to your children, and to your financial future to obtain the experienced legal counsel of one of the best Chicago divorce lawyers out there. The fact is that the terms handed down upon your divorce will impact your post-divorce life in ways you may not have even considered, but a dedicated Chicago divorce attorney will help ensure that you make decisions that support your best interests throughout the legal process. 

Your Divorce Lawyer

Divorce involves making important decisions that directly affect your life moving forward – while you move through unprecedented emotional upheaval. It’s a daunting task for even the most intrepid among us. Having a divorce attorney on your side with whom you are comfortable sharing the details of your marriage and whom you trust to help you make decisions and negotiate terms that protect your best interests is paramount. Once you’ve established a relationship based on confidence and mutual respect with the divorce attorney who’s right for you, it will help you to better focus on the important steps ahead and to give them the careful attention they deserve. 

The Primary Terms of Your Divorce

Your divorce, in essence, boils down to either negotiating mutually acceptable terms in four specific categories or, barring successful negotiations, having the court making determinations on behalf of you and your divorcing spouse (in each category that remains undecided). Each of these components means different things to different couples, and each must be approached from that unique perspective. These categories include:

  • Parental Responsibility Arrangements – Some couples agree that the children will remain with the parent who has taken on the primary parental goal throughout the marriage, and that the other parent will have a visitation schedule. Some parents agree to share time equally with their children. Other couples, however, fight tooth and nail regarding every minute of their children’s schedules. If your divorce involves children, this issue is naturally primary and requires very careful consideration and highly skilled negotiations.
  • Division of Marital Property – Marital property is that property that you and your spouse acquired when you were married, regardless of whose name is on it or who made the purchase. How these assets are divided between the two of you can have a powerful effect on your post-divorce financial standing and should be awarded the careful consideration it deserves.
  • Child Support Payments – Both parents are expected to help support their children financially throughout their childhoods, whether the parents remain married or not. Child support payments are usually made by the parent with the visitation schedule to help assuage the other parent’s financial outlay in providing for the children on a daily basis. Child support is typically based on state guidelines, but the court can wield its vast discretion on the matter in situations that warrant it. 
  • Spousal Maintenance – Spousal maintenance is often called alimony, and it refers to payments (usually temporary) made by one spouse to another spouse with a financial need post-divorce. This is not an issue that arises in every divorce case.

Seek the Best Chicago Divorce Lawyer for Your Case

Finding the right divorce lawyer is key to protecting your rights and best interests, and the formidable divorce lawyers at WARD FAMILY LAW in Chicago are well prepared to fill this critical role. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 



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