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Best Chicago Spousal Support Lawyers

Financial concerns are some of the most pressing issues with a divorce. Sometimes after a divorce, one spouse is ordered to pay the other alimony. Also called spousal support or spousal maintenance is frequently awarded by the divorce court when one spouse has substantially more income than the other. The goal of alimony is to put each spouse on equal financial grounds or as equally as possible when the divorce is finalized. Whether you are concerned about receiving or paying spousal support, you need the best Chicago spousal support attorneys to help you get your financial footing. 

Alimony in Illinois

If a divorce case is pending, a spouse is able to request temporary alimony. This type of alimony is granted with the goal of supporting the spouse financially during the divorce process so that their financial status does not change from before the divorce was filed. 

Before the judge awards alimony, they will assess the income of each spouse, determine whether one spouse will be able to pay spousal support, and look at whether or not one spouse needs financial assistance in the form of alimony. A temporary order for support usually ends when the divorce decree is issued, and a new order is put into place. The best Chicago spousal support attorneys can help you with both temporary and permanent alimony orders. 

On-going support orders can include rehabilitative maintenance. This type of alimony allows the receiving spouse to work on job skills or take other actions to become financially independent after the divorce. The receiving spouse is expected to make good faith efforts to become employed and able to support themselves. 

Sometimes, the family court will issue a permanent alimony order. These orders are usually only used for spouses that cannot support themselves after the divorce and will not be able to work on becoming financially independent. For example, due to age, illness, disability, or other extenuating factors. 

Do You Qualify to Receive Spousal Support?

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all answer to this question. There are too many variables to consider. Ultimately, your request for alimony will be granted if you can demonstrate that you need financial assistance during or after the divorce. The best Chicago spousal support lawyers can help you do this. 

Keep in mind that even if there is a marked difference in income between the spouses, if both are self-supporting, the court might deny a petition for alimony. The court uses alimony as a tool to allow each spouse to keep the same standard of living they enjoyed before the divorce. If awarding alimony to one spouse would upset this balance, the court will deny the petition. 

The Best Chicago Spousal Support Attorneys

If you came to WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, searching for the best Chicago spousal support lawyers,  you have come to the right place. We understand and appreciate the financial strains our divorcing clients are under. Our goal is to ensure that you only pay alimony when the situation is warranted under Illinois law and that you receive what you are legally entitled to receive. Contact us today to schedule a private consultation and learn more about how we can help.  



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