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Best Divorce Attorney Chicago

The end of a marriage can bring grief, anger, relief, and many other emotions. You might have known this time was coming or been completely blindsided by it. Either way, there’s a lot to process. During this emotional time, you must make decisions that can impact the rest of your life and your children’s lives going forward. Making decisions with such raw emotions can sometimes be detrimental. It’s essential to have the best divorce attorney in Chicago on your side to help you see the situation objectively. They can educate you about your rights and stand up for them. An attorney can help you make the right choices for yourself and your family. 

Will I Need to go to Court for my Divorce?

Some divorcing couples end up in a courtroom, and some don’t. Without knowing the specifics of your case, it can be difficult to predict. Divorces are either contested or uncontested. In a contested divorce, the spouses can’t reach agreements on one or more crucial points of the Divorce. This might include:

Contested divorces can also involve custody of a family pet or even whether to get a divorce or not. Since they can’t work out an agreement, they will need to go before a family court judge if the experienced family law attorneys are unable to help reach a compromise, settlement, or resolution by agreement. The judge will then determine what their arrangements will be. This gives both spouses less control over the outcome of their Divorce and will take more time. 

However, if both spouses can agree on these often-contested issues, they might not need to go to Court, outside of the day of their divorce.  When matters are uncontested, the process can be initiating, drafting, and entering the paperwork that both parties agree upon to move it to a prove-up, which is the day of the divorce, and entry of a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage.  A judge will simply need to review their agreement and sign off on it. The best divorce lawyer in Chicago can help you negotiate agreeable terms with your spouse. Sometimes this is done between attorneys for both sides and can even be worked through mediation or a collaborative divorce

How Long Will My Divorce Take?

It’s normal to want your Divorce to be finalized as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is no way to know precisely how long your Divorce might take. The more complicated the issues or heated the disagreements are, the more time and money a divorce will consume. Contested divorces can take up to 18 months, sometimes even longer. If you are filing an uncontested divorce, the process typically only takes six months or less. By hiring an experienced and best Chicago divorce attorney, you can ensure that your Divorce doesn’t take any longer than it needs to. Sometimes attorneys can even come up with creative solutions, allowing spouses to resolve contested issues sooner. 

Are You Searching for the Best Divorce Attorney in Chicago?

At Ward Family Law, we know that facing the end of your marriage and looking for the best Chicago divorce attorney can be unnerving. You might also be worried about finances. Hiring the best family law attorney for you doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys today so that we can get to know you, evaluate your situation, and provide personalized solutions tailored to your needs. We can work on a plan that will fit your budget and protect your legal interests at the same time. Contact us today to book your private consultation.



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