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Best Divorce Attorney in Chicago

You are facing a divorce, and you naturally want the best divorce attorney in Chicago on your side. Because the terms of your divorce will significantly affect you and your children’s future, this is a completely reasonable response. Your future is far too important to settle for anything less. 

Negotiating Your Divorce Terms

In order to finalize your divorce, you and your divorcing spouse will need to find a way to negotiate all of the following categories of divorce terms (as applicable):

  • The equitable division of your marital property (that property you obtained together as a married couple)
  • Your child custody arrangements, now known as entry of allocation judgments for parenting time and decision-making
  • Your child support payments
  • Your maintenance payments (commonly called alimony and spousal support payments)

The terms that you come to on each of these matters will reverberate into your future and should be granted the close legal attention required.

The Best Path forward

When it comes to negotiating your divorce terms, the best path forward always involves the least amount of intervention possible. If, however, you and your ex are at an impasse regarding one concern or another, you’ll need to progress through the stages of intervention until you land upon mutually agreeable terms (or the court makes all remaining determinations on your behalf). These stages include:

  • You and your spouse work together – under the professional guidance of your respective divorce attorneys – to find mutually acceptable terms in every applicable category.
  • If one or more areas remain unresolved, your respective divorce attorneys can intervene on your behalf and attempt to negotiate terms that you’re both willing to sign off on. 
  • If there is still a sticking point in your negotiations, you can proceed to mediation where you – along with your respective divorce attorneys – will continue negotiating under the guidance of a professional mediator (who is a neutral third-party with professional experience helping couples like you find common ground). 

Finally, if your efforts do not result in mutually acceptable terms in every category, the court will step in and make all remaining decisions for you, which is less than ideal but is sometimes a necessity. 

The Court’s Stance

If the remaining terms in front of the court involve your shared children, the court will always proceed with the best interest of the children in mind. This is colored by its fundamental stance that children’s needs are best served by maintaining a relationship and spending time with both parents (barring extreme conditions). Finally, if the matter relates to finances, the court will take every factor it deems pertinent into consideration while making what it considers an equitable – or fair – decision. 

Seek the Legal Guidance of the Best Divorce Attorney in Chicago

Moving through your divorce and into your best post-divorce future requires the kind of legal diligence and focus that the experienced Chicago divorce attorneys at WARD FAMILY LAW are committed to providing. Your satisfaction with the divorce terms you obtain is our primary focus, and we’re proud to have an impressive track record in this arena. Your case matters, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.



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