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Child Support Attorney Chicago

Child support helps to ensure that both parents continue to support their shared children after divorce – and when children are born outside of marriage. Child support in Illinois is calculated in accordance with the state’s exacting guidelines, which take a wide range of relevant factors into careful consideration. If you have encountered a parenting concern, don’t wait to address the issue with an experienced child support attorney in Chicago.

Incomes Shares Model

In Illinois, child support is now calculated according to what is known as an income shares model, which means that both parents’ incomes are taken into consideration in the calculation process. This is balanced with data that is based on how parents generally spend on their children when they continue to share finances and live together. The idea is not to penalize the children financially in relation to the parents’ breakup. 

Adjusting the Formula

While every child support case begins with the state’s standard calculation process, the court has considerable discretion and can make adjustments in accordance with the children’s best interests. As such, all the following factors can come into play:

  • The standard of living the children would have likely enjoyed had their parents remained together
  • The physical and mental health of each child 
  • Each child’s unique educational requirements
  • The financial resources and the financial needs of both parents and each child. 

Special Circumstances

Depending upon the situation, the court may also include expenses such as the following in the child support calculation:

  • The cost of health care
  • The cost of daycare and/or tuition for private school
  • The cost of extracurricular activities

Further, there are extenuating circumstances that the court can take into consideration, including:

  • A parent with very high earnings may be required to pay more than the state’s guidelines call for.
  • A parent with very low earnings may be ordered to pay less than the state’s guidelines call for. 
  • If either parent has extraordinary medical expenses or faces additional costs related to one or more of the children’s special needs – or there is any other factor the court deems relevant – the judge may deviate from the guidelines. 

Child Support Modifications

As families evolve and children’s needs change, child support modifications are not uncommon. In order to obtain a modification, you must be able to demonstrate that there has been a substantial financial change since the last child support order, or one of the following must apply

  • There is a discrepancy between your child support order and the state’s guidelines that is at least 20 percent (and a minimum of $10 per month).
  • You can demonstrate a need for your children’s healthcare expenses to be covered. 

Reach Out to an Experienced Child Support Attorney in Chicago

Child support plays an important role in your children’s ongoing health and well-being, and the compassionate child support attorneys at WARD FAMILY LAW in Chicago dedicate their practice to helping clients like you obtain beneficial case resolutions. We’re here for you, so please don’t put off contacting us for more information today.



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