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Dad Rights Divorce Attorneys 60610

If you are a father who is facing child custody concerns, you may fear that your children’s mother has the advantage, but this is not how the law in Illinois works. Illinois has assigned the term parental responsibilities to what used to be called child custody, and this includes parenting time and decision-making. The most important step you can take in relation to your rights as a father is reaching out for the professional legal guidance of an experienced dad rights divorce attorney in the 60610 zip code today. 

The Best Interests of Your Children

When Illinois courts make decisions about parental responsibilities, their focus is always on the best interests of the children in the unique situation at hand. The fact is that the prevailing wisdom regarding children’s best interests universally finds that children’s needs are best served when they are allowed to spend time with and continue deepening their relationships with both parents. 

While you may feel like you have less leverage regarding your parenting time schedule – relative to your children’s mother – this is not necessarily the case. One factor that traditionally supported mothers in child custody matters is the maintenance of the status quo. Consider the following:

  • Divorce is hard on everyone, but children can take it the hardest.
  • As such, the court takes how well the children are doing in their current living situation – whether primarily with the mother or father – into careful consideration.
  • If the children have adjusted well to their current circumstances, it may move the court to preserve the status quo to one degree or another. This often means allowing the parent who is serving in the primary custodial role to retain the position, while the other parent receives a parenting time schedule.

In the past, the mother was far more likely to benefit from this status quo factor, but as fathers continue to take a much more active role in parenting, this is changing.

The Child Custody Best Interest Factors

The court wants what is best for your children, and in its effort to make the necessary determinations, it takes a suite of best interest factors into consideration. How you fit as the father within the following factors will help determine the outcome of your parental responsibilities case:

  • Each parent and each child’s preference (if the child is mature enough to be allowed a voice)
  • You, your ex, and each child’s overall physical and mental health
  • Your ability and desire and your ex’s ability and desire to cooperate with one another regarding co-parenting.
  • Your ability and desire and your ex’s ability and desire to support your children’s loving and ongoing relationship with the other

An Experienced Dad Rights Divorce Attorney in the 60610 Zip Code is on Your Side

Your rights as a father are paramount, and the focused dad rights divorce attorneys at WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, in the 60610 zip code take great pride in their proven ability to protect the parental rights of clients like you. To learn more, please don’t wait to contact us today.



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