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Dads’ Rights Divorce Attorney in Chicago

If you are a father who is facing a child custody case, you may feel like the deck is stacked against you and that the court universally prioritizes mothers over fathers. While your position is understandable, this is not the court’s position on the matter, and diligently advocating for your parental rights is always well-advised. When it comes to protecting your rights as a parent, the most important step you can take is working closely with an experienced dads’ rights divorce attorney in Chicago from the outset. 

The Court’s Position

Illinois courts are bound by the best interests of the children involved in child custody cases, and the prevailing wisdom is that children fare better when both parents continue to have a strong presence in their lives. As such, fathers – in theory – carry as much weight as mothers, but as a father, you might have to pour more effort into ensuring that your rights as a parent are fully upheld. While courts’ views have changed since the time when mothers were far more likely to become the primary custodial parents and fathers were regularly relegated to every other weekend with their kids, you may need to demonstrate to the court that you are up to the task of filling a more significant role. 

Best Interest Factors

When making decisions related to child custody, Illinois courts turn to specific factors that are deemed to represent the best interests of the children involved. Some of these factors tend to favor the mother in terms of traditional parental roles, but as societal norms continue to push the boundaries of these traditional roles, courts are doing their best to keep up. Consider some of the following best interest factors:

  • The level of involvement each parent has had in raising the children to date, which can boost the mother’s position when traditional roles are strictly maintained
  • The degree to which maintaining the status quo is preferable, which again can benefit the mother if she has a primary parenting position
  • Each parent’s willingness and capacity to facilitate the other’s ongoing relationship with the kids
  • How much time you spend with the children
  • The level of input in decisions such as childcare, school, medical, activities, religion and such

In order to maximize your rights as a parent and the time you’re able to spend with your children, it’s important to highlight your commitment to consistent involvement in your children’s lives and to override any preconceived notions about your role as a father, which a dedicated dads’ rights divorce attorney can help you with. 

Turn to an Experienced Dads’ Rights Divorce Attorney for the Help You’re Looking For

You may feel like you’re in a one-down position when it comes to advocating for your rights as a father in relation to parenting time and parental responsibilities. The focused dads’ rights divorce attorneys at WARD FAMILY LAW in Chicago, however, have a wealth of experience helping fathers like you prevail with terms that uphold their rights and allow them to continue playing a primary role in their children’s lives. Learn more about what we can do to help you by contacting us today.



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