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Divorce Attorney Near Me

Divorce is not only seriously upsetting but also represents a serious financial hurdle. The outcome of your divorce will play an outsize role in you and your children’s future, which is why obtaining professional legal counsel from the outset is key. If you’re thinking that it’s time to find an experienced divorce attorney near you, reach out to an experienced law firm today. 

The Major Components of Every Divorce

Every divorce is as unique as the individuals that make up the family, but there are some divorce basics that universally apply, including:

  • Child Custody Arrangements – In addition to the financial elements of your divorce, you’ll need to face the issue of child custody arrangements, which is a primary concern of every divorce involving children. While the term “custody” is no longer used in Illinois, the new terminology is entry of an allocation judgment that addresses parenting time and decision-making.  How much time each party has with the minor children is designated by his or her parenting time and is determined by many factors if not by agreement of the parties.  Decision-making has four major components:  religion, education, extra-curricular, and medical and can be made by one party or both parties.  
  • Division of Marital Property – Marital property is that property that you and your spouse accumulated together over the course of your marriage, and it is intended to be divided upon divorce in a manner that is fair given the circumstances. Any property that you and/or your spouse brought into the marriage will remain your separate property upon divorce – as long as you managed to keep the property separate throughout your marriage. As you might imagine, sorting out the separate property from marital property and dividing the marital property equitably can be quite challenging. 
  • Child Support – Child support is a payment system designed to ensure that both parents continue to support their children financially. While these payments are based on state calculation guidelines, the court has some discretion in the matter, and a wide range of variables can factor in to how much a party may contribute to other child-related expenses such as activities, camps, schooling, medical, and the like
  • Alimony which is known as Maintenance in Illinois –Maintenance, also known as alimony and spousal support is a statutory mandated calculation of duration and amount, which takes both parties’ incomes along with the duration of the marriage into consideration. 

An Experienced Divorce Attorney Near Me

Divorce is never easy, but the dedicated divorce attorneys at WARD FAMILY LAW in Chicago are committed to skillfully advocating for divorce terms that allow you to move forward with greater confidence and financial ease. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.



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