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Divorce Lawyer 60622 and 60612

If you need a divorce or are facing divorce papers, your parental and financial rights are on the line, which makes having an experienced divorce lawyer in the 60622 zip code on your side critical. The terms of your divorce will set the course for your future, so don’t wait to reach out.

Negotiating Terms

While your divorce will be unique to your situation, you will need to negotiate the same divorce terms that other divorcing couples do, including:

Any of these that you and your divorcing spouse agree upon – or are able to reach an agreement regarding – puts you ahead of the curve. For the rest, you’ll turn to the skilled legal guidance of your respective divorce lawyers, which may include mediation. Any terms that remain unresolved once negotiations stall will need to be addressed by the court. 

Parenting Time and Parental Responsibilities for Decision-Making

Child custody arrangements in Illinois are broken down into both parenting time and decision-making parental responsibilities. Parenting time sets you and your ex’s schedule with your shared children. While your options are almost without limit, these schedules fall into two basic categories that include:

  • One parent takes on the primary custodial role while the other receives a set parenting time schedule
  • Both parents receive parenting time schedules that divide their time with the kids more evenly

Parental responsibilities assign decision-making authority, which can be addressed in all the following ways:

  • You can continue making these decisions by mutual consensus.
  • You can divide these decisions between yourselves according to type.
  • One of you can take on tie-breaking authority – in those instances when you can’t find common ground
  • One of you can make each decision entirely on your own.

The kinds of decisions addressed include:

  • Those related to medical care
  • Those related to schooling
  • Those related to extracurriculars
  • Those related to religious education

Child Support

The child support obligation is typically the responsibility of the parent who earns more – but Illinois is an income shares model in calculating support. And this remains true even when parenting time is an even proposition. The amount of child support paid is calculated according to an equation determined by the state. 

Alimony, which is known as maintenance in Illinois

Illinois courts are sensitive to the financial plight of spouses whose divorce leaves them without the means to continue supporting themselves. If the other spouse has the financial ability to offer assistance, alimony may be appropriate. Alimony is generally set only for the amount of time necessary to allow the recipient to gain the education, skill, or experience necessary to join the workforce and better support themself financially. 

A Divorce Lawyer in the 60612 Zip Code and 60622 Zip Code Is Standing By to Help

The formidable divorce lawyers at WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, appreciate how important the outcome of your divorce is to you and your children’s future, and in response, they will leave no stone unturned in their focused pursuit of your case’s most favorable resolution. Don’t wait to learn more by contacting us today.  



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