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Local Divorce Lawyer Chicago

Divorce is never an easy topic, but if you’re facing a divorce, it’s important to address the matter head-on. The sooner you consult with an experienced local divorce lawyer in Chicago, the better positioned you’ll be to protect your financial and parental rights. The fact is that the terms of your divorce can reverberate far into your future, and carefully attending to the details from the outset is the best way to proceed with increased confidence.

Divorce Basics

Your divorce will not be exactly like anyone else’s, but there are some divorce basics that pertain to every Illinois divorce. These include:

  • Division of Marital Property – Your marital property – those assets you acquired together during your married years – should be divided in an equitable manner upon divorce. Equitable in this context means fair in relation to the exact circumstances of your marriage and does not necessarily mean directly down the middle. Even in the most straightforward divorces, this division of assets can quickly become a heated issue. Certain factors, however, tend to complicate the matter even further. These can include having high assets, having complicated assets, owning a business, owning multiple properties, and much more. 
  • Child Custody ArrangementsUpon divorce, you and your ex will need to move forward with newly arranged child custody plans, and this is often one of the most emotionally wrought elements of divorce. Recognizing that your children are unlikely to live with you full-time going forward can be a very difficult blow, but you and their other parent are free to come up with a creative parenting plan that addresses your family’s unique needs. In Illinois, the law addresses allocation of parenting time and decision-making.
  • Child Support – The child support payments that one parent makes to the other are intended to help balance each parent’s financial contributions to the support of their shared children.
  • Maintenance– Most people call maintenance spousal support or alimony. It refers to payments made by an ex with greater financial means to his or her former spouse depending on factors such as income and duration of the marriage.

You Need an Experienced Local Divorce Lawyer in Chicago on Your Side

The formidable Chicago divorce lawyers at WARD FAMILY LAW have extensive experience helping clients like you obtain divorce terms that support both their rights and their unique needs. We’re also here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today. 



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