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Allocation Judgment Lawyer 60611

An allocation judgment is entered by the court and outlines the parental responsibilities of each parent, addressing decision-making power in relation to your children as well as your parenting time schedule, which makes it a primary concern for divorcing parents. If you are facing parenting plan, parenting time, decision-making, or other child concerns, which was previously known as child custody concerns, don’t wait to consult with an experienced parental allocation lawyer in the 60611 zip code area. 

Parental Responsibilities: Decision-Making

A primary responsibility of all parents is making important decisions on behalf of their children. These are the kinds of decisions that directly affect the children’s upbringing and well-being, and the state of Illinois takes the matter seriously. Parental responsibilities determine how you and your ex will address fundamental decisions about topics like the following:

  • Your children’s education
  • Your children’s healthcare
  • Your children’s religious upbringing
  • Your children’s extracurriculars and travel 

You and your children’s other parent can share this responsibility, or one of you can take it on yourself. If shared, you can make each decision together, one of you can have tie-breaking authority, or you can divide the decisions between you according to topic. 

Parental Responsibilities: Parenting Time Schedule

The schedule that determines when your children are with you and when they’re with their other parent – or your parenting plan – is the other component of an allocation judgment in divorce. When Illinois courts hand down parenting time schedules, they are guided by the best interests of the children involved. Ultimately, Illinois courts strive to maximize the amount of time each parent is awarded with their children – unless there is a pressing reason to rule otherwise.

Best-Interest Factors

When determining the best interest of the children in relation to entering an Allocation Judgment of parental responsibilities, Illinois courts turn to best interest factors that include all the following:

  • Each child’s preference – if they are considered mature enough to be involved 
  • Each parent’s preference
  • Each child’s physical and emotional needs, including any special needs
  • Each parent’s ability and inclination to adequately address these needs
  • Each spouse’s parental fitness
  • The overall physical and mental health of each parent
  • Each parent’s ability and inclination to foster a close, loving relationship between the children and the other parent
  • Each parent’s ability and inclination to successfully co-parent with the other 
  • How well the children have adjusted to their current living situation, including their home, school or daycare, and community
  • Whether child neglect, child abuse, or domestic violence is an issue
  • Any other factors deemed relevant by the court

When the parents are able to negotiate terms related to parental responsibilities, including parenting time and decision-making between themselves, they retain decision-making authority on the matter. When this isn’t the case, however, the court’s intervention is required.  

An Experienced Allocation Judgment, Parental Responsibilities Lawyer in the 60611 Zip Can Help

The practiced Illinois allocation judgment and parental responsibilities lawyers at WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC – proudly serving the 60611 zip code area – are committed to helping you resolve your child custody concerns favorably, and we harness the full force of our experience and legal skill in every case we take on. To learn more, please don’t put off contacting us today.



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