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Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Chicago

Of course, no happily engaged couple wants to think about the possibility of divorce. It’s easier and much more fun to focus on the possibility of a lifelong romance. While we genuinely wish that for all of our clients, the reality is that divorce does happen. Seeing a prenuptial agreement attorney in Chicago before the big day can leave you free to enjoy your lives together without fear of a drawn-out divorce process.

Prenuptial Agreements are Not Just for Wealthy People

In popular media, prenuptial agreements are often shown as a tool for wealthy, older men to protect their assets against so-called “gold diggers.” This outdated stereotype is far from the reality of premarital agreements. First, these legally binding documents should protect both partners in the case of a dissolution of marriage.

Secondly, prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich and famous. Every day people use these agreements more and more these days. Since people are often waiting to get married until they already have assets, and the stigma of prenuptial agreements is fading, more millennials are turning to these documents than their parents.

In some ways, agreeing on a prenuptial agreement can strengthen a marriage before it even begins. By talking through some of the most important parts of life now, you and your partner can come to mutual understandings. It’s also a great way to show respect for one another as individuals who make many types of contributions to a household. For example, if one person agrees to stay home and raise children, the other partner can show how much that commitment means by signing a fair prenuptial agreement.

What Can an Illinois Prenuptial Agreement Cover?

In general, premarital agreements can cover anything which a couple may otherwise have to resolve in the case of a divorce. Some examples include:

In fact, these agreements can cover anything that can be in a contract in Illinois, so long as it is not deemed unconscionable or against public policy.

Why Hire a Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Chicago?

Although getting a prenuptial agreement is often a responsible thing to do, it still must be handled with care and sensitivity. Of course, your prenuptial agreement attorney in Chicago should have the knowledge they need to create a fair agreement. Your lawyer should also bring poise, respect, and decency to the table. Both partners should be able to trust the attorney throughout the process. To see if WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC is the right fit for your family, contact us today and set up your free consultation.



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