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Spousal Support Attorneys Chicago

Divorce can seriously affect one’s future financials, and if you’re facing divorce, you very likely have significant concerns about what kind of standard of living you’ll be able to maintain post-divorce. This is a common concern – especially if you put your career on hold to stay home and raise your family while your spouse was growing his or her career and becoming the higher earner. This is where experienced spousal support attorneys in Chicago enter the picture; don’t hesitate to reach out today. 

What Is Spousal Support or Maintenance?

Maintenance is the term used in Illinois courts for what is commonly called spousal support and alimony, and it refers to payments (made by one spouse to the other after a divorce) that are intended to help find financial balance by taking each party’s income and the duration of the marriage into consideration for the calculation, which is mandated by the state.  Maintenance (spousal support and alimony) doesn’t play a role in every divorce, but when the court considers it appropriate, it can award maintenance payments, which typically have a specific end date.

Which Factors Influence whether Alimony Is Awarded

Consider all of the following:

  • You and your spouse’s individual incomes (including retirement and any disability payments), separate property, and share of marital property 
  • Whether one of you has a financial need or not
  • The realistic future earning potential for each of you 
  • Any impairment to current and future earning capacity (for either of you) that is predicated on sacrifices made during the marriage (such as giving up your own career to support your spouse’s and/or to raise your shared children) 
  • The standard of living that you and your spouse achieved during the course of your marriage
  • The length of your marriage (the longer your marriage, the more likely that alimony will play a role and that said alimony will be of greater duration)
  • The tax consequences that each of you experienced with the division of your marital property
  • The time the party seeking alimony would need to obtain the education, experience, and/or training necessary to find employment and become financially independent
  • You and your spouse’s individual ages and physical and mental health
  • Your separate contributions to your marriage and home (including contributions to your spouse’s education)
  • Whether you have an agreement – such as a prenuptial agreement – that addresses the issue of alimony
  • Any other factors that the court considers pertinent to the exact circumstances of your divorce

Reach Out to Experienced Chicago Spousal Support Attorneys Today

The dedicated Chicago spousal support attorneys at WARD FAMILY LAW are committed to persistently and skillfully advocating for the spousal support to which you are entitled. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 



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