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Co-Parenting and Communicating

There are various online platforms for parental communication. I often recommend “Our Family Wizard,” as it is used by clients and the courts with great success. The program is particularly well-known in the family law community because attorneys and family professionals often encourage their clients to utilize the program in situations where the parents are in the middle of a highly contested case regarding issues of their children – whether that be parenting time or decision-making. In fact, as part of a divorce case, family law courts can even order parents to use an online platform.

If the program is used properly, it can significantly help keep high-conflict behavior under control, as it deters abusive and inappropriate behavior between parents. However, in order to properly utilize the program and to get the most benefit out of it, it is important to understand everything that the program offers. It is known to be more than just a shared calendar. It gives users access to a variety of tools that help track parenting time, keep a schedule, share important information (medical/school), track expenses and create communication between the parents. In essence, the program helps co-parenting with less friction. The application also has a message board which keeps their communication secure and accurately documented, which can be extremely helpful to family law judges. One parent can’t claim that he/she never got the communication because each message has a “read stamp” and is preserved in the database.

You can check out the program online or discuss it with your family law attorney to determine if the program (or another one) is the right fit for you.



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