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Trusted Divorce Attorneys In Chicago – College Expenses and Divorce

There is an entire section of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act devoted to the issue of college contributions, expenses, and contributions of parents to their children after divorce.  Either parent can petition the other parent for contribution to college education expenses, which includes tuition, room and board, fees, books, medical, reasonable living, and travel to and from college.  While the parents and child can choose which college or university he or she wants to attend, one major consideration for the Illinois courts is that the baseline for contributions is set at the maximums allowable for a University of Illinois education.

The court has the authority to order one or both parents complete FAFSA, which is the free application for federal student aid, and further order contribution to the cost of up to five college applications, two standardized entrance exams, and test prep course for college.  The court will also look at each parent’s present and future financials and standard of living.  On the other hand, the court will look at the child’s financial resources, academic performance and can further require that the child maintain a “C” grade point average and can lose these parent contributions in certain circumstances such as turning 23 years old, receiving a degree or getting married. If you have questions about divorce and college expenses for your children, contact WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, today to schedule a consultation with our skilled Chicago divorce lawyers.



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