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Common Reasons for Parental Responsibility Modifications

Parental responsibilities in the State of Illinois refer to parents’ parenting time and decision-making authority, which was previously known as child custody arrangements, which include their parenting time schedules. These are handed down by the court at the time of divorce – or when needed outside of marriage and divorce. The law recognizes that the lives of the parties to these terms are not static and, as a result, allows for modifications under certain circumstances. If you are in the position of needing a parental responsibility modification, you should not wait to consult with an experienced Chicago parental responsibility attorney. 

A Parent’s Relocation

Sometimes, a move that is advantageous to one of the parents and the children arises – such as one that is related to a promotion. The court making the modification determination will factor this advantage into its decision-making process. Ultimately, the court is invested in supporting children’s relationships with both parents and with bolstering their best interests overall, which can amount to a balancing act when it comes to a move. 

A Parent’s Schedule Change

If a parent’s work schedule changes significantly, it can affect his or her ability to maintain the parenting time schedule, and the court tends to recognize the need for modifications in these situations. 

A Child’s Needs Change

A baby needs considerably more care than a middle school child does, and there are plenty of developmental changes along the way. If, for example, you have an older child who is perfectly capable of babysitting your younger children, the need for after-school childcare or handoffs between parents can decline considerably. Further, some families go through phases where a child needs more considerable supervision for one reason or another, and this can affect the parenting time schedule.    

A Child’s Schedule Change

As children grow up, their own schedules can change dramatically. Consider the following possibilities:

  • Part-time jobs
  • Involvement in sports and traveling teams
  • Involvement in theater, band, debate, or any other kind of extracurricular activity

Further, once a child obtains a driver’s license of his or her own, it tends to greatly increase his or her independence, and it may render the need for a carefully calibrated parenting plan moot. 

Child Endangerment

The court is always motivated by the child’s best interest, and if you have reason to believe that your ex is not capable of keeping your children safe or is actively neglecting, abusing, or otherwise harming them, it’s important to address the matter with the court. 

A Case-by-Case Basis

The most important point to keep in mind is that the court addresses the matter of modifications to parental responsibilities on a case-by-case basis. If you’ve experienced a significant change in your family, a modification may be in order, and you’ll need to address the matter with the court to make it official. 

It’s Time to Consult with An Experienced Chicago Parental Responsibility Attorney

The practiced parental responsibility attorneys at WARD FAMILY LAW in Chicago have the experience, skill, and legal insight to help you obtain a modification that suits your family’s needs. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.



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