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Divorcing Friendly

Yes, you did read the title correctly: Divorcing Friendly.  This new wave of clients has become more and more common; it is where the couple is still friendly, but simply put, don’t want to be married to each other any longer.  The initial client consultation is one where we often times discuss the level of animosity and ability to communicate, among many other things.  Those who I deem “divorcing friendly” are parties who often-times have already reached a mutual agreement and understanding that it is time to move forward with the divorce…in a friendly and communicative, open fashion.  The client is looking for guidance in talking points for asset and liability allocation so that they can try to work through these things together, if they haven’t done so already.  This new wave reflects the type of clients that I adore –a party who wants to be active participant in their own case, which means an active participant in the overall outcome.  This ensures that their divorce process is fair, swift and amicable.  I pride myself on being able to resolve these types of cases for my clients in a way where the parties meet up on the day of their divorce, often times riding together to the courthouse, to step up before a Judge for a dissolution of their marriage…then leave with a smile on their faces ready for the next chapter in their lives.  It makes me wonder whether this is a trend or a new generation of clients.  Either way, I will take them on happily.



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