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Embracing Summer Weddings in Chicago: Celebrations and Considerations

Summer is synonymous with wedding season, and Chicago offers a picturesque backdrop for couples looking to tie the knot amidst the warmth and vibrancy of the season. From stunning lakefront views to lush gardens and historic venues, the Windy City has it all. However, as couples embark on their journey toward matrimony, it’s essential to consider not just the romantic details but also the practical ones. One such consideration is the premarital agreement, often referred to as a prenuptial agreement or prenup.

Why Choose a Summer Wedding in Chicago?

Chicago summers are known for their warm, sunny days and cool, breezy evenings. This ideal weather allows for beautiful outdoor ceremonies and receptions, providing a perfect setting for those picturesque wedding photos. Whether you’re dreaming of a grand celebration in a historic mansion, a modern affair in a sleek downtown loft, or a whimsical garden party, Chicago’s diverse venue options cater to all tastes. Popular spots include the Chicago Botanic Garden, Adler Planetarium, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Guests attending your wedding can enjoy the multitude of activities Chicago offers. From exploring Millennium Park and Navy Pier to dining at world-class restaurants and enjoying the lively arts scene, there’s no shortage of entertainment. The city’s skyline, Lake Michigan, and numerous parks provide stunning backdrops for wedding photos. The Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Wrigley Building are just a couple of the many locations that make for unforgettable photography.

The Practical Side: Premarital Agreements

While planning the celebration is undoubtedly exciting, addressing the practical aspects of marriage is equally important. A premarital agreement is a legal document that outlines how a couple’s assets and overall finances will be handled in the event of a divorce.

Here’s why you might consider a prenup after all:

1. Protecting Individual Assets:
If one or both parties have significant assets, a premarital agreement can ensure these remain protected. This is particularly relevant for individuals with family inheritances, business interests, or properties.

2. Clarifying Financial Responsibilities:

A prenup can outline each party’s financial responsibilities during the marriage, which can help prevent conflicts over money. This includes detailing how expenses will be shared and how bank accounts will be managed.

3. Protecting Future Earnings or Investments:

For individuals expecting substantial future earnings or investments (e.g., from a business venture or career growth), a premarital agreement can help protect these assets.

4. Simplifying Divorce Proceedings:
While no one enters a marriage expecting it to end, having a premarital agreement can simplify divorce proceedings, making them less contentious and more cost-effective.

5. Customizing Property Division:

Illinois follows equitable distribution laws, meaning marital property is divided fairly but not necessarily equally. A premarital agreement allows couples to customize how their property will be divided, which can provide peace of mind.

Reach out to the experienced matrimonial and family law attorneys of Ward Family Law, LLC to ensure that the premarital agreement is drafted well and meets all requirements to be valid and binding for if, and when, you would need it – in the event of divorce.  You can reach out to Jennifer Ward directly to schedule your initial consultation via email at jward@wardfamilylawchicago.com or via phone at 312-803-5838.  When your chosen attorney is drafting or reviewing the premarital agreement, you (as the client) needs to ensure that there is full financial disclosure, that you understand the terms believing them to be fair and that you have ample time before the wedding date for drafting, reviewing and signatures.

Summer weddings in Chicago are a magical blend of romance and urban charm, offering couples an unforgettable start to their married lives. As you immerse yourself in the joys of wedding planning, remember to take a moment to consider the practicalities of your future together. A well-crafted premarital agreement can provide a solid foundation for your marriage, ensuring both partners feel secure and respected as they embark on this new journey.

You can reach out to Jennifer Ward directly to schedule your initial consultation via email at jward@wardfamilylawchicago.com or via phone at 312-803-5838.



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