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Getting your Finances in Order for the Fast and Quick Divorce

  1. Compile income tax returns, year-end income documentation and year-to-date monthly income documentation (W2, pay stubs and the like).
  2. Compile documentation of your monthly living expenses, such as household expenses, transportation expenses, personal expenses and child-related expenses.
  3. Compile documentation of your debts, including credit cards, mortgages, car loans, student debts and the like.
  4. Compile documentation of your assets, including bank accounts, investment accounts, securities, brokerage accounts, bonds, options, ESOPs, notes, mutual funds, real estate, vehicles, business interests, life insurance policies, retirement benefits, deferred compensation, tax refunds and the like.
  5. Do you have any collectibles or personal property of significant value, and if so, obtain documentation in that regard.
  6. Documentation of your health insurance coverage and costs.
  7. Documentation of anything that you would deem your pre-marital or non-marital property.



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