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Marriage Misery: Reasons Your Marriage May Be Over and Divorce is Looming

Sex (or lack thereof).

Physical intimacy and emotional connection with your spouse is a key component to a healthy marriage.  The avoidance of sex will divide the couple and create deep, emotional disconnections that can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.  Other issues can arise when a partner no longer feels desired, whether that be because of an extramarital affair, lack of physical attraction, or physical health-related barrier.  Exploring sexual interests and fetishes together can create a newness in what may seem like an otherwise dull sex life for your spouse.  The most common sex-related issue is often related to timing.


A key component to a successful marriage is open, honest and timely communication.  It keeps both parties on track in their personal and professional lives, allowing them to support each other in their aspirations, successes…and failures.  A simple gesture or note that your spouse is valued and appreciated can go a long way.  Actually listening and then hearing and processing what your spouse is saying can really allow for a deep and meaningful connection.  Generally, people want to be understood and know that someone is listening to them.  When communication between spouses begins to breakdown, it can bring the entire marriage to its knees.  Another downfall is when the communication becomes primarily negative, including complaining, shaming or constantly criticizing.  If there is no longer a way to provide constructive criticism then your spouse may begin to retreat or limit their openness in communicating.

Less time at home. 

If you notice a significant downturn in your spouse’s time at home that cannot be attributed to work or other life commitments, then you should delve into why they are choosing to be homeless.  Is there conflict?  Are there unresolved issues or concerns?  Is there connection and communication when you are home together? Is there intimacy or couple time?

Creating distractions.

Avoiding another person by creating distractions, whether that be television, surfing the internet, busy work or chores is a key indicator that there may be a problem.  Both spouses must work together to avoid falling into too much of a routine at home.  Create time for your spouse that would be much more interesting and engaging than the distraction they are choosing.

Money Problems.

If both parties cannot agree on how to spend money, how to save money or avoid the discussion altogether, financial stress can lead to a breakdown of the marriage for various reasons.  A party can feel controlled by their lack of access to funds or for being told how and when to spend monies or pay bills. or  On the other end of the spectrum, a spouse may feel as though the debt is an overwhelming obstacle they can never overcome.

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