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I chose to hire Jennifer Ward after speaking with attorneys at several different firms. I chose her because 1) She’s brutally honest, even when information being shared may not be what you want to hear. 2) She’s very intelligent and experienced. 3) She’s dedicated and tough as nails. On our initial phone call, after I’d shared with her some details of my separation, she shared some truths that hurt but were necessary for me to hear. I knew she wasn’t going to be someone to hold my hand and soothe me (I have friends and a therapist for that!), but I knew she’d have my back and get me across the finish line – even if she had to drag me at times. One example of her dedication and toughness: Opposing counsel shared information and documents with Jennifer late on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, that were relevant to an appearance on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was underhanded and discourteous of opposing counsel, and their hope was Jennifer would blow it off and not put in the work on such a holiday. Apparently, opposing counsel didn’t know Jennifer very well because she doesn’t play that way. She spent virtually the entire day locked in her office, ignoring her own family, to work on my case. I didn’t ask her to do this; she just did it. She was not going to let opposing counsel bully her/us or get the upper hand by playing games, and she was well prepared for the appearance on Friday. Jennifer is someone you want in your foxhole, so to speak. And honestly, much better to hire her than risk going up against her!

Janet M.
March 7th, 2022
Lossom D.
March 22nd, 2022



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