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My divorce experience was astoundingly hard, to say the least — way more complex and difficult than I ever would have anticipated on every level. Without the expertise, professionalism, and integrity of Ms. Harvey and Ms. Ward, I’m certain that my outcome could have been far less favorable. I appreciated their transparency, sincerity, responsiveness, and encouragement in helping me to establish realistic expectations and perspectives, as well as coaching me through a process that was entirely foreign and distressing to me. They complement each other as a team, balancing confidence and efficiency with patience and empathy. At times, they stopped me from making foolish mistakes. Surely, step by step, they gained and kept my trust — even through the most unsettling obstacles and curve balls — by consistently demonstrating confidence, skill, and proficiency in navigating every challenge through the process.

Of course, quality legal services are expensive, which is an added stressor on top of numerous additional ways in which a divorce disrupts your life. They were conscious and respectful of this impact in important ways.

I respect that family law is a profession where it can be particularly challenging to strike a balance between seeing your customer as both a “person” and a “client”. Overall, they accomplish this impressively, with only one or two times (in 16 months) when I would have liked to have seen a slight adjustment in this balance.

My divorce has been finalized one year today, and I am grateful. I remember how unsettling the task of choosing a lawyer was — especially regarding matters so deeply personal and significant. I couldn’t allow myself to continue reflecting and moving forward without finally making time to share my experience.

Amy K.
April 20th, 2020
Claudia C.
April 20th, 2020



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