Berta M.

I’m so thankful that I found Jennifer and her awesome team to help me with my divorce! It was incredibly stressful and scary to go through this process, especially with two little ones, but she has given me the support and confidence that I need. She is extremely intelligent, level-headed, supportive, and reasonable! I was anxious in the beginning thinking that I would have to go to court, but she gave me the peace of mind that I needed to get thru it and not be anxious. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through this difficult process. I am so thankful that I found her to represent me.

Ron F.

She is a nice lawyer. She helped me to fix my passport issue among other things, including family problems.

Sandeep S.

Initially, I’d thought to navigate through troubled waters on my own in the divorce process due to the cost. I hadn’t before needed representation in any court case, and, not being familiar with the costs involved in having a lawyer, I was worried about moving forward with one. My fear was the expense. I felt comfortable with Jennifer Ward from the moment I first spoke with her – contacting her to set up a consultation costs you nothing. In the end, the retainer and fees spent to end my case on a high note were worth every penny. They sent me monthly invoices with a very detailed summary of everything that they did on my case – in 6-minute increments, nonetheless. That helped me understand what was being done and that they were paying close attention to the cost and my bottom line.

Ralph R.

As with most family law issues emotions were running very high and I needed legal help with my divorce and to reach my goals for parenting time with my children. I found WARD FAMILY LAW after a lot of research and everyone there worked out great for me. They always took the time to listen to the situation and really assess what the best plan of action would be. They really helped with the situation and helped me get to a place of peace with my divorce and time with my children. I highly recommend them!

Margaret P.

Jennifer Ward and the lawyers at WARD FAMILY LAW were the perfect attorneys for me in a very complex and challenging child custody case. This was an intensely painful, frustrating and contentious relationship with the father throughout the months it took to resolve parenting time. Jennifer was patient, affirming, honest, realistic, and available at every turn. She explained the various court actions and helped me balance the risks and benefits of each move. Her advice was right on. After countless court dates, I got more than I could have ever imagined or dreamed of. Words can’t express the gratitude I feel. I knew I made the right choice after the first call and initial talk with Jennifer.

Sarah R.

Jennifer Ward of WARD FAMILY LAW made me feel safe and comfortable, but most importantly heard. Her whole legal team was professional and communicated well. Fast responding when I had questions… I feel like they really understood my concerns and backed me up and that felt good! I would recommend her to anyone looking for support through the divorce process.

Michael M.

I typically do not do reviews but after my experience interviewing lawyer after lawyer, I felt compelled to share my experience. So many offer a “free consultation” but don’t be fooled. Often this is just to get you in their office and start charging. I was referred to Jennifer by a friend and didn’t go right away. When I felt like I had exhausted all my options I called Jennifer for her free initial consultation – which was actually free – she took the time to listen to all the facts of my case, my concerns, what outcome I was seeking and I felt like she listened, set a fair price for her initial retainer and explained how the law firm billing practices work and the transparency was refreshing. She has been fighting for me ever since – my fight isn’t over, but I feel strongly supported with this team leading me.

Jane S.

Highly recommended. I know Jennifer Ward personally and professionally – she has an apt ability to provide meaningful insight and clarity into complex issues. I have and will continue to recommend her services to anyone seeking legal assistance.

Esther F.

Jennifer was very helpful, professional and gave me very sound advice. The process was quick because she filed everything in a timely manner. I’m very happy with how she represented me.

Jesse L.

Working with Jennifer was a smooth and seamless process. I was most impressed with her negotiation skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of the law. I highly recommend WARD FAMILY LAW to anyone looking for a skilled attorney.

Andlee B.

I approached Jennifer to represent me during a post-decree college expense lawsuit. Jennifer’s grasp of family law was obvious during the first phone call and I am extremely satisfied with her legal advice. During the three months, Jennifer was available and very prompt with responses via email. She is appropriately aggressive and at the same time, mindful of the high cost of litigation for her clients. I was able to settle with my ex-husband out of court with an Agreed Order. Jennifer was respectful of my opinions and yet offered excellent advice accordingly. Most of Jennifer’s communication with me was via email, which helps in keeping the costs down. I felt I was able to trust Jennifer completely in handling my case which eased a lot of pressure on me. I highly recommend her services.

Mary B.

I have recommended her legal services to family/friends – and will continue to do so.

Elizabeth L.

Best divorce attorney in Chicago!  She really knows her stuff and makes the process less painful. Recommended her to all my friends and family with family law needs.

William W.

Jennifer Ward is a very respected and experienced attorney in the family law field. Being that most of her business is based upon referrals and word of mouth, that shows her reputation was earned and is appreciated by those who have the opportunity to work with her. I cannot recommend her enough.

Larysa W.

Jennifer restored my trust in attorneys! I had a bad experience with my previous attorneys and was very happy that Jennifer took over my case. She worked tirelessly on meeting deadlines that were almost missed by my previous attorney. My case was complicated by needing to deal with CSRS (federal retirement) and OPM, but it was no problem for Jennifer.  She is very professional and knows what she is doing. She is pleasant to work with. I can’t say enough positive things about Jennifer, she is wonderful. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone needing help with the dissolution of marriage, especially complicated cases when federal retirement is involved.

Brian R.

Would rate higher if possible. I know Jennifer Ward personally and professionally – highly recommend to anyone in the Chicagoland area.

Jaime H.

I have known Jennifer Ward for 16 years. We attended law school together and have stayed in touch since. Jennifer is an excellent attorney and a consummate professional. I’ve watched her grow her practice over the years and she’s quite impressive to watch. She’s a powerhouse in the courtroom when she needs to be but also knows how to handle delicate situations with ease. Whatever the outcome you desire, she will work tirelessly for her clients.

Samantha B.

Hands down only choice for anyone in the Chicago area seeking legal advice – Jennifer has 15 years’ experience in Family Law and is extremely helpful within her field and beyond.

Bob D.

Jen Ward is as good as it gets! She is an honest, trustworthy and effective attorney. You are in good hands with WARD FAMILY LAW. Divorce is a terrible time and Jen Ward can guide you through it with compassion and concern.

Mark S.

Jennifer Ward has the perfect balance of experience and compassion to help through what is almost always an emotionally draining ordeal. I have no reservations whatsoever about referring friends and family to her when they are in need of the best family and divorce law services.

Shannon D.

Jennifer was recommended to me by a friend and now I know why. She made me feel comfortable and confident that I had the right person in my corner. She was professional and responded quickly to my phone calls and emails. I found the firm’s billing practices to be completely in line with what I expected. I know I made the right choice by choosing her as my attorney.

Steve S.

Jennifer and her team did an excellent job from start to finish in managing my divorce. While I worked out several of the details directly with my ex, she was excellent with advice, always quick on email responses, and made time for calls when necessary. She made sure we got everything completed quickly. She may not be the cheapest attorney, but she is well worth the fees. I would highly suggest her if you are going through a divorce.

Aimee W.

WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, brings an unprecedented balance of knowledge and compassion to their craft.  They have the unique ability to listen so that I felt heard, understood, and respected in my divorce proceedings, then added their expertise and professionalism to the case in such a way that I felt remarkably calm, confident, protected and ultimately very pleased with the outcome both financially and emotionally.

Emma A.

WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, was exceptional throughout the tough and stressful process I had with my ex-husband. They are amazing lawyers and constantly provided me with insight. They know their way around the courtroom and court regulations, and their knowledge and expertise is absolutely supreme. They are very personable, genuine, and transparent in every aspect from their suggestions to the dollar amount I had to pay. I would recommend WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, anyone going through a complicated legal family situation. They are simply the best!

Alisa F.

WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC’S combination of an impressive reputation, education, teaching/law experience, integrity, and coaching were necessary/key components that helped me through my divorce.   This firm was highly recommended by a group of trusted individuals/professionals. My ultimate goal, in my divorce, was to protect my children in every aspect. This was 100% accomplished.  Secondly, they set my children, and me, up for financial stability. Finally, given this extremely grueling process, my recommendation is keeping your focus on your top priorities. You can completely trust them on how to proceed forward.  However, you, too, will need to be focused, dedicated, honest, and committed. It’s a team effort. Stay hopeful!!

Cici C.

I had an amazing experience with WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC. They helped me through a difficult and overwhelming process. We went the mediation route and I chose to have them help me walk through the process since I knew zero about it. They worked well with opposing counsel and really felt like they were fighting for all the right things in my best interest. They were incredibly prepared for every mediation meeting and empathic when I was struggling to come to terms with certain agreements on sticky issues. I would never wish this process on anyone, but if you have to go through it, I’d recommend them without hesitation.

Melanie F.

My friends and family have always told me that family law issues are never easy and very complex. I knew that but I didn’t truly understand how complex. I met with multiple family law attorneys who claimed they knew what they were doing, but it always seemed as if they were more interested in my money than in my case. I continued to have consultations with different firms until I found one that seemed more honest – WARD FAMILY LAW. From the first chat, I felt that Jennifer Ward was listening and that she could hear me. I felt a different feeling. She seemed focused more on my case, the facts, my concerns and was solution-oriented. She didn’t focus on money, like the previous firms. I felt at ease and that I could just let them take the lead, which was the most important at this point. I would absolutely recommend WARD FAMILY LAW and her close-knit group of lawyers, mediators, collaborators to anyone who needs a family law attorney.

Andy H.

I contacted Jennifer at WARD FAMILY LAW after my case got to a level where mediation wasn’t an option anymore. She was referred by a few different lawyers who knew her and endorsed her strongly. After having seen her in action in court in a different case, I knew Jennifer was a good fit for my case because she had the right amount of strength and perseverance needed. She developed a strategy to get the results I was hoping for, involved a team of professional support necessary to achieve it.  I wish I had known about the law firm before since I came to find out that WARD FAMILY LAW also has a mediator, a collaborative lawyer, paralegals, and other family and divorce team players in the office! I cannot recommend them enough for any family law matter, no matter how big or small.

Mary D.

I reached out to Jennifer to help me with a Prenuptial Agreement, as I knew from others that she was the go-to person for complicated financial estates and these types of agreements. I saw the agreement and did not understand the complicated legal language in it. Jennifer was very professional, kind and quick to respond. If you are looking for someone hard-working, thorough and an excellent communicator – Jennifer is your person! Thank you for making a topic so unpleasant and annoying to something so simple – way better to focus on getting married and a happy future knowing that my safety net was secured in place. I will definitely recommend her and WARD FAMILY LAW to any of my friends and family who needs an attorney in this field, though I sure hope they don’t!

John B.

Jennifer is very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. She walked me through every step by breaking down the legal jargon so I would have a complete understanding, always made herself available and answered any questions I had and made the process so simple for me.  In our phone consultation she was extremely helpful, and I felt very confident that she understood my objectives and would advocate for me. I always felt confident that she had my best interests in mind throughout the process. Additionally, she was able to negotiate everything I had requested in my settlement and I was extremely pleased with the resolution. I also found her pricing to be extremely reasonable – the office billed in 6-minute time frames so I could really keep track of the work being done.  I can’t thank Jennifer enough for making a typically stressful process so simple. I would highly recommend her and her hand-selected team at WARD FAMILY LAW to anyone in need of a family law matter.

Bart W.

I had a tricky situation during my divorce, but Jen handled it extraordinarily well. Despite how great the US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriages was, sometimes love isn’t meant to be. Jennifer handled our case with amazing grace – especially given our case was the first of its kind. My now ex-partner and I just realized things didn’t work but we had a lot of joint assets to sort out in a friendly manner. She made sure that the process wasn’t acrimonious and that both of us felt taken care of in the process. Although I wish divorce on no one, Jennifer was a fantastic advisor and while I hope I never need to use her services again, it’s great to know she is out there.

Kelly R.

Jennifer Ward is an extraordinary legal mind and advisor as well as a compassionate advocate for her clients and friends.  I have referred those closest to me to her for legal services and she has handled their situations with grace and the utmost detail. Jennifer is also highly connected to the community and has a vast network of colleagues and friends that have a great deal of respect for her.  I highly recommend WARD FAMILY LAW.

Carolyn H.

Jennifer is fantastic to work with.  She is thoughtful, hardworking, genuine and attentive.  Calls and emails were returned quickly. I highly recommend her!

Suzanne D.

Jennifer is a wonderful legal advocate to have in your corner. She works with clients to make sure that they understand everything thoroughly, and her experience and skill make her a powerful advisor. She is quick to respond to calls and emails. If you’re looking for someone who you can trust to help you through family law proceedings with confidence, look no further!

Becca T.

Jennifer is the best attorney I have ever worked with. I actually used a different attorney and switched to her firm after being unhappy with the results of the first one. She is extremely knowledgeable in family law and truly cares about her clients. I didn’t have to do anything with my case. She took care of it all, on time and correctly. Unfortunately, not all family law attorneys have the ability to take on a case and do it well. She gives clear expectations regarding your case and really knows how to get her point across in court. She was definitely the best decision I made when going through a terrible time in life. Thank you, Jennifer, for being so wonderful! I couldn’t be happier with the results of my case and have referred her to friends and family in need of an outstanding attorney.

Jay M.

Working with Jennifer was a smooth and seamless process. I was most impressed with her negotiation skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of the law. I highly recommend WARD FAMILY LAW to anyone looking for a skilled attorney.

Stephanie S.

I wish I could give Jennifer Ward 10 stars! She has a sharp legal mind and works hard to serve the best interest of her clients. Legal matters are always stressful, and Jennifer puts you at ease. Thank you, WARD FAMILY LAW!

Grant R.

Ms. Ward handled my case with total professionalism and negotiated a great settlement, all within a quick time frame. I cannot recommend her and WARD FAMILY LAW enough. If you are looking for an attorney that knows the law (there were lots of changes in IL in 2016) and is working in your best interests, you found her.

Andee R.

I approached Jennifer to represent me during a post-decree college expense lawsuit. During the three months, Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable, professional and prompt in her communication and services. She was respectful of my opinions and yet offered excellent advice. I felt I was able to place my complete trust in her which helped me tremendously during this stressful time. She communicates in a no-nonsense and direct manner and is mindful of your time. I highly recommend her for all family law matters.

Neal M.

Jennifer Ward and her associates provide excellent family law services. In comparison to other firms that my friends have worked with for divorce cases, Jennifer responds to inquiries very promptly and is extremely organized, experienced, and dependable. Furthermore, the billing was very reasonable and appropriate. Highly recommended!

Suzy F.

Meeting and working with Ms. Ward and Ms. Harvey was the only positive part of an incredibly difficult time.  I had no idea my husband could and would be so litigious and aggressive. I was completely lost, and WARD FAMILY LAW was there for me every step of the way.  They were kind and compassionate but moreover very serious and about the work they did on my behalf. They are total pros and the only people you want on your side.  My husband switched firms and interviewed many lawyers in an effort to find comparable legal advice/services. It didn’t exist. I am truly sorry that you are reading this because it likely means you’re at least considering divorce.  When it feels like you are questioning everything that got you here, you really will feel like you landed in a safe place with WARD FAMILY LAW.

Claudia C.

My divorce was difficult. It was longer than I expected as my ex was not cooperating. Jennifer and her team had a lot of patience with me, even when I did not follow her advice. She knows divorce law for sure.  I didn’t. I regret that I did not read more about the divorce process before I started. I was not prepared. But she was there every step of the way. She is reliable and extremely professional. She answers emails immediately, she even worked overnight. Maybe she is not cheap, but I am happy I chose her.  I would not choose a divorce attorney based on fees.

Deni P.

My divorce experience was astoundingly hard, to say the least — way more complex and difficult than I ever would have anticipated on every level. Without the expertise, professionalism, and integrity of Ms. Harvey and Ms. Ward, I’m certain that my outcome could have been far less favorable. I appreciated their transparency, sincerity, responsiveness, and encouragement in helping me to establish realistic expectations and perspectives, as well as coaching me through a process that was entirely foreign and distressing to me. They complement each other as a team, balancing confidence and efficiency with patience and empathy. At times, they stopped me from making foolish mistakes. Surely, step by step, they gained and kept my trust — even through the most unsettling obstacles and curve balls — by consistently demonstrating confidence, skill, and proficiency in navigating every challenge through the process.

Of course, quality legal services are expensive, which is an added stressor on top of numerous additional ways in which a divorce disrupts your life. They were conscious and respectful of this impact in important ways.

I respect that family law is a profession where it can be particularly challenging to strike a balance between seeing your customer as both a “person” and a “client”. Overall, they accomplish this impressively, with only one or two times (in 16 months) when I would have liked to have seen a slight adjustment in this balance.

My divorce has been finalized one year today, and I am grateful. I remember how unsettling the task of choosing a lawyer was — especially regarding matters so deeply personal and significant. I couldn’t allow myself to continue reflecting and moving forward without finally making time to share my experience.

Amy K.

Jennifer Ward is both a friend and a colleague from law school. For the 17+ years that I’ve known her, Jennifer’s stellar reputation has preceded her. Individuals I’ve referred to her have come back expressing gratitude for recommending someone who is both knowledgeable and professional.

Stephen F.

I have known Jennifer Ward for more than 10 years. She is a knowledgeable, hardworking attorney who represents her clients with compassion and understanding. She has all of my confidence.

Rob R.

Jennifer Ward helped me immensely in my divorce process. She made the legal aspect as straightforward and convenient as possible. She was there every time I had a question, even after hours. She was able to make one of the most difficult times in my life bearable. I would highly recommend her for anyone thinking of divorce or other family matters. With all of the emotions you go through, the last thing you want to think about is filing the correct paperwork. Jennifer Ward is a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer, but above all, a very caring individual.

Atlanta B.

Jennifer had my best interests in mind and helped me navigate the complexity of divorce proceedings, negotiated an amazing settlement and made the right recommendations for me, both short and long term. If you want to feel that you are going to get personal attention, this is the law firm for you.

Sean O.

Having the need to seek out a lawyer, for whatever the reason or circumstance, is taxing, I know. However, appearing in court without legal guidance and representation is worse. I certainly sympathize with anyone finding himself or herself within family disputes requiring litigation, but in hiring a lawyer, your ensuing aggravation and stress will be shouldered by experienced professionals. You may not be able to completely relax, but you’ll at least be able to breathe.

Mahesh M.

My Wife and I wanted a divorce but also wanted to remain friends. Jennifer and her team of mediators and collaborative lawyers advised me of our options and guided me through the process, allowing me to remain friendly with my ex but still reach our settlement terms and my goals swiftly and with little conflict. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Prajakta D.

The legal support of Jennifer and her team during my divorce was exactly what I needed. She helped me navigate the delicate nature of my situation very fairly and very quickly. My goals through the process were her goals. I’m very grateful to be done with it and to have had her at my side each crucial step along the way.

Tom J.

Divorce is never easy, but Jennifer and the team made it as painless as possible. The firm is compassionate, skilled, and offers wise and realistic counsel. They are also very collaborative, which I deeply appreciated. I strongly recommend Ward LLC – they walked me through this difficult process and helped me get to a resolution that was fair.

John P.

I heard from friends and family that Jennifer has drafted and reviewed premarital agreements for professional athletes over the past decade or so. I knew she was well-versed in complex financial matters and obtaining and achieving her client’s goals in protecting assets in the event of a future divorce. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance and understanding of my goals and objectives and making that happen in my own premarital agreement.

Nikita M.

Five stars are definitely not enough to rate the level of service that WARD FAMILY LAW offers. When false allegations threatened time with my child, I looked high and low for an attorney who would fight for me. I found that and much more in Jennifer and her team. With their help, we were able to create a strong case disproving false allegations made against me as a parent and win big in court – more parenting time with my child.

Four reasons to sign on with Jennifer Ward

1: She will fight for you, not just take payment and check a box.

2: Remains in constant contact with you throughout your process.

3: She is an expert in her craft and has a track record to prove it.

4: She charges a fair rate for superior work! While other attorneys price gouge clients, you will not find that with her firm.

Jennifer is full of all the traits that make for a stellar lawyer and an outstanding person. She helped me fight through a very scary time in my life and I owe her the precious time I have with my child.

Andy H.

It has been an extremely positive experience working with Jennifer and her team at WARD FAMILY LAW – she has been very helpful with my divorce case settlement. She made it easy for me to understand all the procedures that are involved, which is a lot. I appreciate all the hard work and effort she put in working on my case, working every angle to avoid litigation costs and ensure settlement terms that I wanted. She found a lot of details that I would never think of, which probably saved me future years of litigation and frustration. She is very smart and very educated in the law… and does her work with absolute dedication and passion! Now I would highly recommend everyone to work with WARD FAMILY LAW.

Kate M.

Starting a case with the court was a scary thing for me to do. I had tried to research and open a case with the court in the past, but the process was extremely overwhelming and confusing. I felt discouraged and scared to move forward. I came across Jennifer and WARD FAMILY LAW while browsing online for different attorneys in the area. My first impression of Jennifer was that she was quick to respond to my initial inquiry. We talked on the phone and she took into consideration the urgency of my case and modified her schedule. She not only provided me with all of the options regarding my case but worked closely with me – she was very sweet and compassionate towards me and my situation. We agreed on an action plan and she quickly began the process to get my case started with the court. I received emails from her regarding the filing the same night I retained her; this was definitely impressive and assuring to me. I am happy to say that with Jennifer’s help, I was granted what I was hoping for and cannot be any more pleased with the end results. The dedication that Jennifer and her team had to my case is commendable. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family in the future.

Flossie T.

WARD FAMILY LAW works hard to get results.

Erin P.

Jennifer Ward of WARD FAMILY LAW made me feel safe and comfortable, but most importantly heard. Her whole legal team was professional and communicated well. Fast responding when I had questions… I feel like they really understood my concerns and backed me up and that felt good! I would recommend her to anyone looking for support through the divorce process.

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