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The Game is Changing for Corporate Executives and Chicago Divorce Lawyers

There is a barrage of media attention in the Jeff Bezos divorce after 25 years of marriage. Why? Besides the fact that he is the Amazon founder and CEO, considered to be the world’s richest man with a fortune in the billions? Yes. Instead, my attention is drawn to the fact that the couple did not have a premarital agreement. When this case plays out, it will be a game changer for corporate executives and other high-profile individuals going through a divorce.

Corporate executives have the same problem as professional athletes, entertainers, politicians and celebrities. They are high income, high net worth individuals who oftentimes fail to provide protections or create mutual understandings with their significant (or insignificant) others through premarital agreements, postnuptial agreements or other means. If divorce is looming, a good start is to meet with divorce lawyers to contemplate your options and prepare the best strategy to move forward, including addressing and mitigating the media impact on you and your family. Selecting the right divorce attorney is a business decision, making the very important decision about the right fit for a divorce lawyer to be one not ruled by emotion. A divorce lawyer will then need to determine which state to file in followed by how to allocate a significant marital estate, including, in this case, some very serious voting power over the controlling interest in Amazon.

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