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The Rise and Fall of Chicago Divorce: The Numbers and Factors

In analyzing and reviewing whether divorce is actually on the rise takes many factors into consideration. If we are strictly going by the numbers…those show that in 1981 divorce was at its peak at 53% yet in 2021 divorce rates dropped to 45%. Those numbers still indicate that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce.  So, where do we go from there?

The one thing that is certain is that there are many factors that put you at a higher risk for divorce.  Here are the top 10 factors that may put you and your significant other at a higher risk for divorce than other couples:

    1.   Coming from a family background of divorce
    2.   Living together prior to marriage
    3.   Pregnancy prior to marriage
    4.   Limited education
    5.   Lower income
    6.   Marrying at an early age
    7.   No religious affiliation
    8.   Financial issues
    9.   Issues of incompatibility (ie. infidelity, domestic violence, substance abuse)
    10.   Timing

In regards to the factor of timing, studies show that there tend to be two points in a marriage where divorces occur: between years 1-2 and between years 5-8, with the most occurring in years 7 and 8.  What does all of this mean for engaged or married couples?  Having the knowledge and information allows for a self-awareness that can aid in avoiding certain pitfalls.  However, if you are engaged and considering a Premarital Agreement to address what will occur if you were to divorce or if you are married and contemplating divorce, reach out to Jennifer Ward of Ward Family Law, LLC via email at jward@wardfamilylawchicago.com to set up your initial consultation today.



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