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The Top 7 Mantras to Co-Parenting in Divorce

The top 7 mantras to co-parenting in Chicago divorce cases may seem like common sense but are oftentimes disregarded which can lead to conflict, frustration, and anger.  We made it simple so that our clients can reference the mantras to keep themselves on track in their effort to co-parent successfully:

  1.  I am doing this for the kids
  2.  Communicate
  3.  Be Patient
  4.  Be Flexible
  5.  Be Kind
  6.  Comply with court orders
  7.  Maintain appropriate boundaries

Yes, you are co-parenting for the kids.  It shows them that they are a priority in your life and that you realize that both parents have a contributing, ongoing role in their lives that is necessary.  You can communicate in various ways – phone, text, shared calendars, and online co-parenting platforms such as Our Family Wizard.  Patience is a key component to avoid unnecessary conflict both in front of the kids and behind the scenes.  When you are flexible it allows for both sides to have a little room to maneuver in ways that often will benefit the kids.  Kindness allows the kids to see how to treat other people in difficult times and circumstances.  A kind word about the other parent or a kind gesture for the other parent is always a good thing for the kids to see.  If there is a court order in place regarding any aspect of parenting time or decision-making then you need to comply with that court order.  That is why it was put in place.  Last but not least is to create appropriate and healthy boundaries between both parents.  Just because you are co-parenting that does not mean that you have to allow the other parent to step into any other role in your life.

These top 7 mantras to co-parenting in Chicago divorce cases may seem simple, but if you can put them into everyday practice then the results that you will see in the other parent and the kids will be astounding.  For ongoing legal guidance or advice, reach out to the Chicago divorce attorneys at Ward Family Law, LLC today via email at jward@wardfamilylawchicago.com or via telephone at 312-803-5838.



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