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Top 7 Thanks (giving) for the Divorce

The Divorcerer Speaks:  Top 7 Thanks (giving) for the Divorce

With the official kick-off to the Holiday season next week, I would like to draw your attention to the positives that can come from divorce, a “Thanks (giving),” if you will.  While there is always so much negative attention and energy often put into and surrounding divorce, it can sometimes be a good thing to step back and consider all of the positive things that can come out of a divorce.

Here are the top 7 comments that I hear most of all:

  1. Thank you for the financial independence and knowledge about my finances.
  2. Thank you for guiding me in making the best decisions for my children.
  3. Thank you for finding the right people to create my support system through and after the divorce (therapists, counselors, realtors, financial advisors and the like).
  4. Thank you for working to meet my goals in the most cost-effective and time-sensitive path possible.
  5. Thank you for just listening to me through ups and downs while being able to take what I am saying and use it in a positive way for strategic planning in my divorce.
  6. Thank you for knowing when to be tough and when to back down, even when I didn’t know.
  7. Thank you for walking WITH me from start to finish and then congratulating me when it was over and time for me to move on.



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