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Top 7 Ways to Prepare (At-Home) for Divorce During a Pandemic

While many families are “sheltering in place” during this pandemic they are still working, home schooling their children and trying to move forward with their lives. For many, the divorce process was already underway but for some that were contemplating or preparing for divorce they feel as though they are stuck at a standstill. Well, that does not have to be the case. Here are the top 7 ways to prepare (at-home) for divorce:

1. Compile all retirement, securities and investment/brokerage documentation, including statements, vesting schedules
2. Finalize your 2019 income tax returns
3. Compile your year-to-date income documentation
4. Organize documentation of your monthly expenses (ie utilities, household, medical, transportation, personal and child-related)
5. Organize documentation of all debts and liabilities (ie credit cards, student loans)
6. Organize documentation of all assets (ie real estate, vehicles, business interests, life insurance policies, bank accounts, collectibles)
7. Organize all health-related documentation including insurance coverage and costs, expenses

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