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What Does it all Mean in Chicago Divorce?

What does it all mean in Chicago Divorce:

Allocation Judgment.

Parental Responsibilities. Parenting Time.



An Allocation Judgment is typically prepared by legal counsel in conjunction with establishing the parental responsibilities of each parent. These parental responsibilities consist of two main components: parenting time and decision-making. What does this all mean to you? Whether you are going through a divorce or are unmarried with children, then this applies to you in any Illinois domestic relations case involving minor children.

To be able to prepare an allocation judgment for entry by a judge, the parties (and their legal counsel) must either come to an agreement or be ordered by the court to establish the parental responsibilities of each parent. The parents can come to an agreement on parenting time (which can include weekly schedules, holiday schedules, vacations, summer breaks) and decision-making (sole or joint) on four major components: health, education, extracurricular, and religion. If the parents cannot reach mutually agreeable terms in regards to what is in the best interest of the children for both parenting time and decision-making then the court can step in to appoint a mediator, Guardian Ad Litem or Child Representative, professional evaluations, and many other interventions during an ongoing litigation.

What about custody? In Illinois, custody is no longer a term utilized; we have now taken a different legal approach in allocating parenting time to each parent and decision-making authority as either joint, sole or hybrid to each parent. These parental responsibilities are what make up the terms of the final allocation judgment entered by the court.

The professional expertise and legal guidance of an experienced family law divorce attorney can often prove hugely beneficial in discussing realistic expectations, customized and creative parenting time schedules and decision-making. Email me, Jennifer R. Ward, at jward@wardfamilylawchicago.com, to set up a free initial consultation to discuss your case and your concerns for yourself and your children.



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