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Medical Insurance, Costs and Coverage in Chicago Divorce Cases

Medical insurance coverage and costs during and after the divorce process is a crucial item to discuss with your divorce attorney.  First and foremost, the medical insurance coverage that you…

What to Expect During a Divorce Hearing in Illinois

In Illinois, the final stage of your divorce – if it is uncontested – is the prove-up hearing. While this hearing is very different from going to trial in a…

Open Marriage, Infidelity and Adultery: Divorce Process in Chicago

What is an open marriage? What is infidelity? What is adultery? Will any of these actions impact your divorce process in Chicago? Open marriage is typically defined as a form…

Chicago Divorce Lawyers Discuss the Financial Affidavit

Obtaining full and complete financial disclosure by both sides is a key component to the family law practice. It allows both sides to acknowledge a full understanding and receipt of…

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