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Spouse Refuses To Sign Divorce Papers. Now What?

There is no way around it – divorce is stressful – but you should rest assured that, if your divorcing spouse chooses to, they can make it more so. And…

Tips On Living With Your Ex-Spouse After Divorce

Some couples continue living together after divorce – often for reasons related to parenting time, finances, or both. There are also reasons that you got a divorce in the first…

7 Ways Your Custody Case Could Be Sabotaged

You and your divorcing spouse both love your children, and both want what is best for them, but the fact is that the stress of divorce can get in the…

Can I Protect My Assets without a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreements, which are also known as Premarital agreements, are contracts that allow couples to set parameters regarding how their marital assets and marital liabilities will be divided between them…

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