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Tips for Successful Remote Proceedings in Divorce and Family Law Cases

The pandemic ushered many, many changes into our lives, and one of the primary shifts is a trend toward remote meetings. This is just as true for divorce and family…

How Losing “Marital Privilege” Can Impact Your Finances after Divorce

There are specific financial benefits to being married that are considered marital privileges, and upon divorce, these are forfeited. While understanding the financial advantages is beneficial, these so-called marital privileges…

Medical Insurance, Costs and Coverage in Chicago Divorce Cases

Medical insurance coverage and costs during and after the divorce process is a crucial item to discuss with your divorce attorney.  First and foremost, the medical insurance coverage that you…

What to Know Before Filing a High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce cases can get significantly more complex when the couple has a high net worth. Not only are there simply more assets to be divided, or more complex ones, but…

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