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Tips for Successful Remote Proceedings in Divorce and Family Law Cases

The pandemic ushered many, many changes into our lives, and one of the primary shifts is a trend toward remote meetings. This is just as true for divorce and family…

What to Expect During a Divorce Hearing in Illinois

In Illinois, the final stage of your divorce – if it is uncontested – is the prove-up hearing. While this hearing is very different from going to trial in a…

Relocation of Children in Chicago Divorce Cases

Life goes on after divorce. Children get older and their needs and schedules change, parents’ new relationships bring new priorities and the introduction of a new adult into the children’s…

Chicago Divorce Lawyers Tackle the Tax Law Changes in 2019

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is the first major change to the American tax system in 30 years: Child Tax Credit? Dependency exemptions? Dependent Care Credit? Head of…

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