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Should I File for Divorce Now or after the New Year?

Many people who are familiar with divorce statistics call the first quarter of every new year “divorce season.” Some couples have had it after living through another difficult holiday season, and others wait until after the holidays as a means of protecting their children’s memories and/or guaranteeing another year of joint tax returns. Some couples are motivated by all of the above. Whatever the reason, a lot of divorces are instigated in the new year, and if you find yourself preparing to join these ranks, you have some serious decisions to make – regarding whether or not to wait for the new year or to make your move now. 

One move you can make right now that can help you move forward with greater confidence that you are making the right decisions for you is consulting with an experienced Chicago divorce attorney sooner rather than later.  

Speak with a Dedicated Divorce Attorney Today

Many people are under the false impression that speaking with a divorce attorney is somehow a public announcement that they are heading toward divorce, but this is simply not the case. In fact, you have every right to discuss your divorce concerns with an experienced divorce attorney who is well versed in cases like yours before discussing the matter with your spouse, and you are encouraged to do so if it feels right for you in your situation. Discussing the matter with a knowledgeable divorce attorney can help in all the following ways:

  • Determining when the best time to file is in terms of tax implications
  • Identifying what the pros and cons are of waiting until the new year to file – for you in your unique situation
  • Understanding what you can do now to prepare for filing as soon after the holidays as possible (in relation to your goals)
  • Recognizing how your divorce is likely to proceed (which can help you address your scheduling concerns more accurately)
  • Organizing your financials and implementing a plan in regards to timing of filing

Your Divorce is Personal

Your divorce will be as unique as you are, and there are certain decisions that only you can make. For example, if your overriding concern is your children’s ability to enjoy the holidays – in addition to their ability to avoid associating future holidays with your divorce – you should, by all means, let this motivation guide you. No divorce attorney worth his or her salt would attempt to persuade you otherwise. If this is the case, however, consulting with a skilled divorce attorney now can help guide you through the prep work ahead, such as gathering all the necessary documentation that makes up the lion’s share of the work in any divorce – leaving you ready to move forward with greater confidence and ease when the right time does come. 

Reach out to an Experienced Chicago Divorce Attorney Today

The distinguished Chicago divorce attorneys at WARD FAMILY LAW understand the sensitive nature of your predicament and are standing by to help you make the right decisions for you. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 



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