Dissipation in Chicago Divorce: using marital funds for non-marital purposes

Division of marital property is an expected part of divorce. During the marriage, parties accumulate marital assets and marital liabilities, and these must all be allocated to one party or…

The Aftermath of Chicago Divorce

If you are contemplating a divorce or are in the beginning stages of a pending divorce, you are likely looking forward to the end of the process but you may…

Chicago Divorce and Property Division

“She took him to the cleaners!” “He got everything, left her without a penny!” “…and she got half of his business!” Chicago Divorce and Property Division Without a doubt, you’ve…

Chicago divorce lawyers discuss uncontested divorce

The Chicago divorce lawyers of WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC handle cases in a wide variety of contexts – from collaborative law to mediation to litigation. We also handle uncontested divorces.…

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