Chicago Divorce Lawyers: Top 7 Hidden Costs in Divorce

When people are contemplating divorce, they are often considering the cost, including retainer fees for law firms, filing fees for the court, expert fees and how they want to divide…

Attorneys’ Fees: The Best Divorce Advice Comes From Chicago Divorce Lawyer

Where do you think you will get the best attorney fee advice when contemplating or going through a divorce? The simple answer is the Chicago divorce lawyers of WARD FAMILY…

Chicago Divorce Lawyers Tackle the Steps to Keep Your House in a Divorce

For many families, the main asset in their divorce is their house. Oftentimes, the house is also the main liability. While some parties simply agree to sell the house and…

Top Tips for Selecting the Best Chicago Divorce Lawyer

Top Tips for Selecting the Best Chicago Divorce Lawyer (1) Ask Co-Workers, Friends and Family Members (2) Determine what process you want to use (ie. mediation, collaborative) (3) Create a…

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