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April Showers Brings…Divorce Surge

Since different variations on the saying “April Showers Brings May Flowers” can be traced back to the 1600’s it is no surprise that the downturn in the weather is what feeds the upturn in blooms and that has been occurring for hundreds of years.  The same can be said for marriages: upturns and downturns.  The […]

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The Top 7 Ways to Refresh Your Marriage this Spring

The Top 7 Ways to Refresh your Marriage this Spring

Connect with your partner: silence your cell phone, step away from your computer, turn off your television and just talk.
Try something new…together: take an art class, learn to woodwork, join a team sports league or take a cooking class.
Take a staycation: hop online […]

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Divorcing Friendly

Yes, you did read the title correctly: Divorcing Friendly.  This new wave of clients has become more and more common; it is where the couple is still friendly, but simply put, don’t want to be married to each other any longer.  The initial client consultation is one where we often times discuss the level of […]

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Planning to Put a Ring on It? If so, Make a Plan.

The beginning of the New Year leads us right into Valentine’s Day and both of these times of year are indicative of many engagements. Technically speaking, a premarital agreement is made between two prospective (usually engaged) spouses, made in contemplation of marriage, usually with the mutual goal of discussing and planning each of their rights, […]

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Parenting Time in the HoliDAZE: The 3 Keys to Success

THE DIVORCERER SPEAKS: Parenting Time in the HoliDAZE: The 3 Keys to Success

December is a stressful time – gift giving, social commitments, work, school schedules and performances, vacation schedules, Holidays, year-end celebrations and everything that falls in-between.  It is no surprise that this stressful time of the year leads to high-conflict in scheduling and coordinating […]

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Top 7 Thanks (giving) for the Divorce

The Divorcerer Speaks:  Top 7 Thanks (giving) for the Divorce

With the official kick-off to the Holiday season next week, I would like to draw your attention to the positives that can come from divorce, a “Thanks (giving),” if you will.  While there is always so much negative attention and energy often put into and surrounding […]

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Thanksgiving in November, Holidays in December, Divorce in January

The Divorcerer Speaks: Top 5 Tips to Prepare for the Post-Holiday Divorce Surge
For many couples, waiting to get through the year-end holiday season to file for divorce is a last-ditch effort to get along through the holidays and have one last family celebration for the sake of everyone else.  If you are one of those […]

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Bird Nesting for Co-Parenting in Divorce

The Divorcerer Speaks:  Bird Nesting for Co-Parenting in Divorce

What is Bird Nesting?  It is a co-parenting, child-centered method that allows the child to remain in the “family home” while each parent takes turns staying in the family home with the children when it is their parenting time.  When the parent is not in the family […]

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Legal Trend in Illinois Maintenance Laws, also known as Alimony and Spousal Support

The Divorcerer Speaks: Legal Trend in Illinois Maintenance Laws, also known as Alimony and Spousal Support

Alimony.  Spousal Support.  Maintenance.  These terms are thrown around, often times, with very little understanding about the laws, applicability to each case and overall interpretation.  Being that the laws changed in this regard in Illinois, here is a summary of the […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

The Divorcerer Speaks:  Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

Often times, friends and prospective clients alike ask the question, “Why do I need to hire a divorce attorney?”  In these instances the parties are usually amicable and have worked out the settlement terms of their divorce on their own and feel like since there […]

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