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Chicago Dad Rights Divorce Attorneys

If you are a father who is facing a divorce and who has legal parenting concerns, you may think the deck is stacked against you, but this mindset isn’t going to help protect your parental rights. What is important to remember as a father is that, while child custody rulings used to defer primarily to mothers, this is no longer the case. The law focuses on the best interests of the children, and that is the end of the matter, which makes working closely with an experienced Chicago dad rights attorney in your best interest. 

The Status Quo

Illinois courts factor in a wide range of considerations when making parenting determinations, and they are all predicated on many factors, including the best interests of the children in question. One of the primary concerns that the court takes into consideration is how the children are doing in their current situation – the status quo – and if they are doing well, the court is more likely to order parenting terms that support the current situation. 

Because mothers are more likely to be in charge when it comes to managing the home and the daily lives of their children, it can seem like the law has a preference, but this isn’t the case. Your parental rights are worth fighting for, which makes demonstrating your own close involvement in raising your children a great way to support your parenting time goals. 

The Court’s Stance

The fact is that Illinois courts universally find that children are better off when they continue to forge tight bonds with both parents (as long as there is no pressing concern that causes the court to rule otherwise). In other words, the court is invested in both parents maximizing their time with their shared children. Putting in the time and effort to bring your strongest parenting time and parental responsibilities case is the best way to help protect your rights as a dad, and a seasoned Chicago dad rights divorce attorney can help you with that. 

Best Interest Factors

Knowing some of the best interest factors that the court uses to make parenting time determinations can help you protect your own rights as a father. Keep all the following in mind:

  • The preferences of you and your children’s other parent
  • Your children’s preferences (age-appropriate)
  • The mental and physical health of every party (you, your ex, and each of your shared children)
  • Your ability – along with your ex’s – to cooperate with one another in the process of making primary parenting decisions
  • You and your ex’s past level of participation in parenting your shared children

You Need an Experienced Chicago Dad Rights Attorney on Your Side

The focused Chicago dad rights attorneys at WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, have a wealth of impressive experience helping dads like you protect their parental rights – in support of their close ongoing relationships with their children. We’re here for you, too, so please don’t delay contacting us for more information today.



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