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Dad Rights Divorce Lawyers 60606

Illinois courts do not prioritize the parental rights of mothers over fathers, but it can sometimes seem that way. This is why it is so important that fathers understand their rights as parents and the stance that the state takes in terms of child custody, which is now known as parental responsibilities for parenting time and decision-making. If you have concerns about your rights as a father, it’s time to reach out for the professional legal guidance of an experienced dad rights divorce lawyer in the 60606 zip code. 

Parental Responsibilities and Parenting Time

The State of Illinois no longer uses the terms child custody, legal custody, or physical custody. Instead, it takes the more modern approach of addressing parental responsibilities, which include parenting time and decision-making. Parental responsibilities refer to those key decisions we make as parents that guide our children’s lives, including decisions about the following:

  • Your kids’ schooling
  • Your kids’ participation in extracurricular activities
  • Your kids’ medical care
  • Your kids’ religious education

Many parents continue making these central decisions together, and this can be an important pillar of your rights as a father. 

Parenting time sets the schedule by which your children will divide their overnights between their mother and you, and while you may feel like you are destined to be awarded less time with your kids, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, having a dedicated dad rights divorce lawyer in your corner can help to ensure you are able to maximize your parenting time. 

The Guiding Factors

If you and your children’s mother are unable to resolve your child custody concerns between yourselves, you’ll need the court to make the determinations for you. The court’s position is always upholding the best interests of the children involved, and toward this end, it takes an array of best interest factors into consideration, including:

  • How well your children have adjusted to their current living situation – the court may lean toward maintaining the status quo if your children are currently faring well
  • Each parent’s preference and each child’s preference (as appropriate)
  • Each parent’s degree of involvement in raising the children so far
  • Each parent’s ability and inclination to support the other’s ongoing and loving relationship with the children
  • Each parent’s commitment and capacity to co-parent effectively
  • Each parent’s overall physical and mental health and each child’s 
  • Each child’s needs, including any special needs
  • Any factors the court finds applicable to your unique case

Seeking a favorable case outcome comes down to highlighting your strengths in terms of each of these factors, and a focused dad rights divorce lawyer can help you with that. 

Consult with an Experienced Dad Rights Divorce Lawyer in the 60606 Zip Code Today

The formidable dad rights lawyers at WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, in the 60606 zip are fierce supporters of father’s rights and are well prepared and well positioned to skillfully advocate for your case’s most advantageous outcome. To learn more about how we can help you, please don’t wait to contact us today.



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