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LGBTQ+ Marriages: Chicago Attorney

Just as same-sex and other LGBTQ+ marriages are now legal everywhere in the United States, so too are LGBTQ+ divorces. In most respects, these marriages and divorces are identical to any other marriages or subsequent divorces. Where things differ is the matter of parental rights, which makes a better understanding of the topic extremely important. If you are facing a concern related to an LGBTQ+ marriage, turn to an experienced LGBTQ+ marriage attorney in Chicago today. 


If your LGBTQ+ marriage involves children, the matter of child custody, which is addressed in terms of both parental responsibilities (which is parenting time and decision-making), can become very challenging in the event of a divorce. This makes carefully addressing the matter from the outset of vital importance. Consider the following:

  • If one of you is already the adoptive parent of the child, adoption by the other parent is likely a viable option for ensuring that you both have parental rights.
  • If you adopt the child together, you both have the same parental rights that all other parents have. 
  • If one of you has a child while you are married (via either surrogacy or donor), the Illinois Parentage Act ensures that the other spouse has the same parental rights granted to fathers when they are married to the mother at the time of a child’s birth. 

When married heterosexual couples have children, the presumption is that the husband is the child’s father, and this presumption of parenthood is extended to same-sex couples. Things can become more complicated, however, for LGBTQ+ marriages in which the child is the biological or adopted child of one spouse – and surrogacy agreements, the parental rights of the other biological parent, and adoption laws come into play. 

Protecting Your Parental Rights

If you have concerns about your parental rights as a spouse in an LGBTQ+ marriage, it’s important to consult with a knowledgeable LGBTQ+ marriage attorney who has considerable experience handling these challenging matters. Because your parental rights are on the line, it’s important to address the matter with a legal professional prior to an issue arising.  

Consult with an Experienced LGBTQ+ Marriage Attorney in Chicago Today

Your rights as part of an LGBTQ+ marriage are exactly the same as they would be in any other marriage, but the primary concern of your parental rights in the event of a divorce can be far more challenging. The savvy LGBTQ+ marriage attorneys at WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC, in Chicago have the experience, compassion, and drive to help you secure your parental rights and to help you protect yourself if your marriage does end in divorce. For more information about how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today.



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